Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stepping My Tiny Toe Back Into Training

Things have been slowly on the up-and-up. 

I somehow managed to land a pretty cool job I didn't applied for. Chachi is hanging around me as much as he can -- although he has some great days and some terribly scary days -- and I'm grateful for every second I have with him. I turned another year older and realized I have the best supportive friends who want to be around me, even when I'm a downer.

And I started doing a little more running. 

I didn't end up going to Humboldt for the milestone-birthday marathon, but somewhere along the lines it crossed my mind that I should at least continue to train for CIM. I still don't know if I'll make it to the start line (it's all dependent on Chachi's health), but I might as well attempt to stay in shape for it in case I can go.

After taking mid-September to mid-October off of running, the past few weeks have been dedicated to turning my piddly 2-mile "I'm too afraid to leave my cat for long" runs into 5-mile runs. Which have turned into 10-mile runs. Which turned into trail runs, my 15th half marathon, a 21-miler with a new blogging buddy, and plenty of runs with friends.

Early-morning Headlands run with Jessica, Aron, & Jojo.

After declaring I'd never run Nike Women's Marathon again, I ended up buying a last-minute dirt-cheap bib off Craigslist. Seriously worth it with NWM's logistical changes this year. 15th half marathon = done.

Page organized a group long run with San Diego blogger Nicole. So nice to meet her & get to run with Page, Kristin, & Katie, too!

Runners all cleaned up: Layla, Sima, Kristin, Courtney, & Aron. Thank you so much, friends, for everything!

Running is my sanity. It's how I've met most of my friends. The sport and the community involved in it have been here for me despite life's rocky times. And running always takes me back, even when I shove it aside.

CIM is, for now, back on. I won't be attempting a PR; I don't even think I'll attempt to run hard. I may run it with friends, or depending on Chachi, I might not make it at all. But for now, I've dusted off my neglected training plan and I'm trying to fit some miles back in my life.

5 more weeks until the race. :)