Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Product Review: WholeYou Dynamover

This is a sponsored post. I received a free product and compensation for my review. All opinions are most definitely my own.

A few months ago I noticed a little click in my right knee. It wasn't enough to prevent me from running or even walking normally, so I took no issue continuing to travel and train on it. It felt more like a joint that wouldn't crack, yet it would crack constantly. I could stand still and bend my knee. Snap. I could sit with my legs propped on the coffee table and flex my foot. Crackle. I could lunge across the gym with the lightest handweight. Pop. 

But all talk and no pain. Ok then.

After running a 50k in New Zealand followed by a great walk across humbling alpine terrain, my knee wasn't so happy and I knew that rest might be on the books. Shortly after I took that time off, the fine folks at WholeYou asked if I wanted to review their Dynamover product. With nothing to lose and so much more running on the horizon, I figured I'd give this a go.

Let's get down to business. 

The Good (5/5 stars)
Dynamover is an extremely lightweight rubber + fabric knee brace that doesn't discriminate which knee it's for. It's got a snug fit thanks to five specialized "zones," and it doesn't feel itchy when wearing it for a short amount of time. I was shocked at the support it offered -- it felt like it was hugging my knee in place while I ran, and even if I tried cracking the joint, it wouldn't allow it.

More about the design:
There are 5 "zones" built into this tiny package of a brace. 
  1. Zone 1 provides good stretch for compression to support the knee entirely.
  2. Zone 2 offers a little less of a stretch that acts as stability for the knee, but offers flexibility around the thigh without sacrificing fit.
  3. Zone 3 is an elastic weave that prevents the top from slipping own and the bottom from inching up while in motion.
  4. Zone 4 is on the back of the knee, and it is comprised of a very dense weave to stabilize the knee. This is the zone that I found most noticeable and uncomfortable. 
  5. The last zone is a honeycomb weave that allows for really great flexibility all around. 

More about care:
Each zone of rubber and fabric is seamlessly connected, making the entire brace breathable, stretchable, pretty stink-proof after a couple wears, and hand washable. 

Even more good stuff:
It's easy to remove and put on (very unlike compression socks or neoprene knee braces!) and wasn't noticeable when wearing for short periods of time. I'll happily give it a few stars for short-term comfort and a couple more points for offering amazing knee support in the tiniest package. It's so lightweight that when I first opened the box, I thought they sent me a sock!

The Bad (3/3 stars)
This isn't the prettiest brace around, but then again, none really are, amirite? I had the fine fortune of wearing this brace under leggings for most of my testing, but imagine that it looked a bit like a robo-knee under my tights. It's not heinous, but it's also not glamorous. I wouldn't dock any points for this factor and keep its rating high.

The Ugly (1/2 stars)
Size up! My knee brace felt uncomfortably tight enough that it pressed on the back of my knee tendons (zone 4) after a while. It wasn't painful, but I couldn't to stand wearing it for more than an hour at a time without starting to shift and move it around out of subconscious discomfort. Even after guidance on my sizing (I measured everything and still had them recommend a larger size), it felt small. Luckily there are 6 different sizes to choose from, so something is bound to work eventually!

I will dock the Dynamover a point for minor irritation over long stretches of time, but bonus points for the Dynamover rep telling me to size up without compromising fit.

The End
Dynamover gets a 9 out of 10 rating from me. I wholly recommend it as mild knee support for minor twinges and aches, but can't speak to it beyond any injury more substantial. It offers good support in a tiny punch, is easily hand-washable and breathable, and is simple to take on and off. When it comes to all the training and sweating we do, this brace is a welcome addition to any runner's wardrobe. 

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