Thursday, December 29, 2016

Promo Code: Whole You Dynamover Knee Brace

If you're anything like me, a detox from all the Christmas cookie consumption involves hitting the trails and sweating the sugar out. 

I'll talk about this in an upcoming post, but I've been battling a bit of a twinge in my right knee. As a result, I've been wearing a product from Whole You that's supporting my knee from all the pounding I put it through -- and I cannot wait to share my experience with you.

Before I get into what I'm training for and how I'm taking care of my bum knee, take some of your Christmas loot and grab this Dynamover brace for yourself -- spoiler alert: you will be amazed at the comfort, ease, and lightweight support it offers. 

And at 50% off (use code AVERUN and say I sent you!), you'll be saving a bunch of coin AND kicking off your New Year's exercise resolutions on the right foot., use code AVERUN

Stay tuned for my upcoming review & have a safe and festive New Year!

This is a sponsored post.