Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cross Training?

My friend's company went through a round of layoffs today. He still has his job, but it's going to be hard on his company ... especially when they have a co-ed softball team that lost two players!

I got a call around 4:30 today, asking if I wanted to sub for one of the females at their 7:00 game (or else the team would have to forfeit). Uhh, have I ever played softball a day in my life. Okay, so I did little league when I was in third grade -- but that definitely doesn't count. I didn't want my friend to be sad about losing a(nother) game, so I stepped in.

I quickly scurried home, fit in the fastest 4-mile run ever, then called my remaining mile I was supposed to do "cross training" as I did jumping jacks in the outfield. I also vowed to make a solid effort to chase after whatever came to right field ... which was essentially nothing. It counts as some semblance of a workout, right?

This is about where they trusted me on the playing field. Definitely a wise choice.
Friend posing for a picture, which was begging to be hijacked.
And this is about how much contact I had with the ball the entire game (notice the absence of said ball). Yup, I never touched it; not even when I was at bat.

Even though I contributed absolutely nothing and struck out when at the plate, they invited me back to finish the season?! Could I channel my inner Maureen and take up softball as my second hobby?!

I think I am going to stick to my first hobby and put myself on the sub list. :)

4mi splits: 8:12, 8:17, 8:00, 8:01
Air temp: 62F

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  1. You are such a good friend:) Way to step up so they didn't have to forfeit! I have not played softball in about 18 years. I wasn't that great at it. It sounds like you had a fun time anyway. I hope that your marathon training is going well! Happy Friday!