Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Day!

Tonight I went on my first "regular" run since the final days of my taper on June 3rd: "Regular" run meaning something between the piddly 6/10th of a mile stroll to the gym and two maniacal 26.2 miles of race excitement.

I went on my regular 5-mile run on my regular Lake Calhoun route because of one major reason...

You better believe I totally wore my sweet Marathon Maniacs singlet out on a leisurely jog! Sometimes you just have to pimp the goods, right?!

I'm planning on taking a break from hardcore training (for now), and I'm excited to get back into a simpler routine of improving my overall fitness and giving my hip flexors and IT band a rest. During the few short runs I've taken to the gym to cross train this week, I've been having shooting pains in my right knee whenever I step on it. It doesn't hurt when I'm standing, walking, or even biking ... it only happens when that foot pushes off the ground while running. I've got the July 4th half marathon, during which I'm super excited to run yet ANOTHER race this year with Racing Queen Julie (!!), but I plan on taking it easy until then in hopes this pain goes away.

Today I also met this sweet little babe crossing a parking lot. I named him Tiny Tim and tried to put him in my pocket, but then figured he was more of a teenage turtle and changed his name to Michelangelo. I escorted him to the nature preserve where the cool dude now parties.
Today was a good day.

5-mile splits: 9:07, 9:27, 9:38, 9:19, 9:30
Air Temp: 84F


  1. Hi A,
    I love the t-shirt:) You look like you were born to wear that shirt!

    I would love to run around Calhoun again, it has been such a long time since I ran around that gorgeous lake. There is another Minnesota blogger named Chris who also like to run the trails around the lakes. Have you ever hit any of these running trails? Maybe sometime we could meet up and do a trail run or just run around Calhoun:)

    I wish that I could just run Red White and Boom with ease. I am running on a team with my running group. There are ten of us and I know that I am the slowest:( Talk about pressure! Yikes! When I was at Grandma's and watching the marathoners come in one of my pacers from the Minnetonka half came up to me and told me that he is pacing the 1:50 group. He was awesome and really encouraged me to keep it together:) He said that I should be able to cut three and a half minutes off of my time. I don't know, I think that I am starting out too fast and then paying for it later in the race:) What to do? What to do?

    I am glad that you are taking some time to rest and relax! Lord knows that you deserve it:) Take care A!

  2. Yay! Your shirt is so cute on you!

    I'm totally getting blogger-meetup-envy... if you ever want to do a race in or near Columbus Ohio, you've always got someone here to run with and maybe even a place to stay if you're so inclined! (And a vegan multi-meal tour of the city--so much good stuff to eat here!)

  3. Awesome shirt - I'm pretty sure I'd be wearing that 24/7!

  4. That is a great shirt and I would even incorporate it into my office wardrobe!

    I hope there is nothing wrong with your knee and some days of RnR will help.

  5. That is a super singlet! I love wearing some hardcore race t-shirts. Way to go helping Michelangelo!

  6. Hi A,
    I am running on the team but we are all running our own seperate paces. Most of the people on my team can do a 1:30 to 1:45 half! They are all crazy fast! My PR for the half is and I could totally run together! I don't know what I am going to do. I might just start out with the 1:55 pacers and try to bust butt at the end:)

    Happy weekend Chica!

  7. I definitely would be wearing that singlet right away! Congrats on your back-to-backs, what an awesome accomplishment.

  8. That shirt could not look any better on ya! Its meant to be! I would wear the damn thing to bed!

    P.S. On the last post.. Cool Loyal army shirt- I totally second that!
    I always wondered about Marathon Maniacs there are a lot of big events near me, and I always see a couple scattered amongst the bigger races.. After reading your blog and seeing you do this.. I think I can do it to!

    P.P.S we would totally run together if you lived in Cali. :)

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  10. HI! I just stumbled upon your blog...I'm an average runner too (! Average height, average brown hair, average build, average, average, average. I live in the homeland of Brooks and LOVE their shoes (Adrenaline), too. :)
    Drop me a note if you ever want to run in Seattle!
    Happy running!

  11. I found your blog the other day - WOW. I love the Marathon Maniacs concept and the shirt is awesome!! Congrats on becoming a member! I saw on their site that they do have a club for for the 13.1ers - Half Fanatics. I plan on joining that next month! (And I'd hardly say you are average :D - I enjoyed reading!)

  12. Love love love your blog. Just discovered it. It's always exciting for me to find vegan/vegetarian athletes. So consider me a regular reader!