Friday, July 16, 2010

The 100 Push-Up Challenge

One of my newbie coworkers, we call him Pab, has a fun idea for lightening up an office job ... and getting some exercise while on the clock.

At Pab's previous job, he had a buddy who would push him to do push ups. At any point of time during the day, they would demand, "Drop and give me 20!" of each other. They used to do handstand push ups against the wall, rear incline push ups, one-armed push ups, uneven push ups, and push ups with their thumbs and forefingers making the shape of a diamond on the ground. They were pretty serious about their push ups.

Well, Pab has recently recruited me to be his new push-up buddy. As we all know (and laugh), my arms came straight from my t-rex ancestors. I can barely pick up my 13-pound cat without feeling the burn. I have a hard time stirring cupcake batter without being in pain. I struggle with typing; my muscles are that weak.

Okay, that is a lie. But it is true that I couldn't even dream of doing 5 push ups.

Until yesterday ... when I did 10! (Applaud! That's a big deal for my wimp sticks!)

I started off by doing 4 push ups last week. Yesterday I made it up to 10. Today, I did 10 pushups with my feet up on a chair. By the end of July, he's pushed me to do 20. By Christmas, we're going to do 100.

I can think of two of you beautiful readers who have done 100 push-up challenges. In my true I-Overdo-Everything manner, I would like to be able to do 100 push ups, but also do something ridiculous like clap in between the last 5 to prove I've still got more in me.

With that, I need some major, major advice. Help for these little t-rex arms, anyone? (P/s: I don't -- and probably won't -- lift arm weights, so any training tips will have to be au-naturel.)

Ready, set, go!

This could be Pab & me. But our office isn't that kinky.


  1. Comments- um inspiration? Does that count? Can I be the cheerleader? :)

  2. I will definitely applaud for an accomplishment like that: Woo hoo for you, and cheers to you reaching 100 pushups!
    No advice from me, because you've already tied my personal best. :P


    Follow this link for a "training plan" :) If you can stick to a running training plan then you can certainly do this! I applaud you, I was going to do this program and then never started. I have the opposite problem as you, even though the rest of my body looks fit, my arms look fat! So maybe I will take the initiative and start this challenge too :)


  4. OOoh fun! I wanna do it with you!

  5. Okay, chic! I'm in!

    I did my initial test this morning and did 20 consecutive pushups before I felt a vein rupture in my temple. LOL

  6. You are my inspiration! I have wimpy arms like you described and I'd love to try to go along with you and challenge myself for stronger arms!
    Leah B.

  7. I was doing a search of reviews from the TC Half on the 4th and found your blog! I had to laugh when it began raining...I just kept thinking...well, either I'll be soaking wet from the rain or the heat...still, it was fun. I did Grandmas & Mpls Marathon too. Are you doing the half in Mpls (

    I'm doing a lot of running this fall (Chicago, Detroit & Niagara Falls Marathons) so I'm just trying to build up endurance more. It's cool to see another runner who does every race...keep it up!


  8. @Jon! Wow, good on ya for doing all those races as well! I hope you held together a little better than I did ... really started burning out toward the end of that fun streak.

    I'm not doing the Minneapolis 13.1 because I'm moving out of state at the end of the month. I'm definitely eying up a few races out west, though. If you ever end up doing any races in Cali, hopefully I'll run into you there! In the meantime, good luck with all your upcoming marathons. You're the true maniac!


  9. You did 31 in your initial test?! Are you serious?! You went from doing 10 the day before this post to 31?! This is gonna be a piece of cake for you! Day 1 for me tomorrow. I'll do MWF.

    Thanks for the opinions on the socks and sport drinks. :)