Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Heights

Late in 2009 I set some fitness goals for myself that involved more than running half marathons. I decided that 2010 was going to be the year I would run a full marathon (which I later added an addendum to and decided it'd be the year I'd join the Marathon Maniacs by running 2 marathons in 2 weeks). But I also decided that I was going to do something that would force me to branch out athletically.

On one of the last days in 2009, I registered for the Minneapolis Duathlon -- a 5k run, 18-mile bike, 5k run. I signed up for a 4-part Team Ortho race series called the Monster Series, which included a freezing cold (-14F windchills) Polar Dash 5k on New Year's morning; the Minneapolis Marathon at the start of summer; the Minneapolis Duathlon at the end of summer; and Minnesota's largest half marathon, the Monster Dash on Halloween. They've since added two more races to the series, the Get Lucky 7k around St. Patrick's Day, and the Go Commando 5k adventure (you know, mud pits, jumping over fire, etc.) in the fall. After completing the races, each participant receives a pie-shaped medal that could create one massive piece of bling by the end of the year if they completed enough races. Unfortunately, I am missing out on three of the potential races -- two of which I am still registered for -- since I moved across the country. This is as far as I made it.

The Minneapolis Duathlon was this morning, and I'm really bummed I missed it. The race debuted last year as the largest in the country, and this year it officially became the largest in the world. I've seen and heard nothing but fun stories and happy pictures from this highly successful event. Really wish I could have been there.

To brighten my spirits on missing out on an awesome race this morning, I decided to take on a mental + physical challenge in exchange for a multi-sport physical challenge: I ran across the Golden Gate Bridge! Without an arm to support me! And I didn't even fall off!

What's more, today was warm and beautiful and the bridge was overcrowded with tourists -- this means I had to run right next to the scary, scary edge and I would often have people stop to take pictures right in front of me. It was truly a test of patience, my fear of the bridge, and a physical challenge since it's all gradually uphill on the way there.

Looking up the South Tower. Okay, I couldn't look up or else I would have lost my balance, so I had my phone look up for me. Yes, that's my hat's bill in the upper left corner.
Proof I made it across: The view from Marin.
I accidentally found myself on part of the San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz course. Luckily this was the tail end of the race, so I wasn't in anyone's way. It was nice having all the roads blocked off, though.
9.04-mile splits (1:24:47)
1: 9:22
2: 10:08
3: 9:19
4: 9:02
5: 8:53
6: 9:02
7: 9:26
8: 9:44
9.04: 9:48
Air Temp: 64F

Thanks to Alma F. for giving my blog an award called the Cherry on Top Award last week! I am honored that my blog makes your day a little brighter. :) I feel weird answering those questions and asking others to do the same, so I'm going to be that person who breaks the chain -- but thanks a lot for thinking of me! I love the color pink and I especially love cupcakes, so I got excited when I saw the cute avatar you passed along. Thank you, my average twin!


  1. Hi A,
    Oh, if only I had a bike...I would of attempted the du that you just posted about:) Team Ortho has had so many fun races! I think that my favorite Team Ortho race was the Get Lucky! 7K!

    You posted some great pictures! Thanks for sharing a little bit of Cali with us:) Take care!

  2. What a gorgeous run - congrats on conquering your fear today, you can be very proud!

  3. I love those medals for the series but I would imagine the run across the bridge was a very memorable one that can make up for missing the duathlon

  4. Medal series are really cool! I don't know of anything around here that does that. I'm jealous of your beautiful views and cool temps!!

  5. Congratulations on running across the Golden Gate Bridge. I hate driving across bridges but I love running across them. San Francisco truly is my favorite place to run and you should consider yourself lucky to be able to run there any time you like.

    You’re pace is GREAT too.

    All the best,


  6. I love the pie medal idea, that is just cool!!!

  7. PFFFFFF the run over that bridge cOnquers in all girl! That is so awesome that you did it! and so soon! I am proud and so happy! Was it not amazing? Isnt it so insanley breathtaking in a scary and really awesome way?

    Ok, so I never got that email, send a sista a damn email will ya, so we can get on this penpal shiznit!
    Another friend of mine just moved up to SF, and she just started running, so I told her we might have to do the Bay to Breakers next year for their 100th aniversery, I know its a lil far, so kill me Im a planner by nature :)
    Ya in?

    xo Rad
    scooterbuddy1 at

  8. Nice run across the bridge! My son (9 years old) desperately wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve told him one day when I run a race there…