Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tour de Fat: Take Two!

Remember a few months ago when I stopped by the Tour de Fat in Minneapolis' Loring Park?

One of the billions of awesome things about moving when I did was that this weekend I got to experience the Tour de Fat again, but this time in Golden Gate Park. While the Tour was fun in Minneapolis, this weekend it was bloated, naked, drunk, and high.
To reiterate my pseudo-biking story, I began riding a fixed gear earlier this year and used it to run many errands around Minneapolis. In San Francisco, I had grand ideas of riding my fixie all over the city, but there kind of are some large, high-traffic hills here, and not having any gears or breaks is a terrible idea.

However, there are decent stretches of flatter land over where I live, so I do ride to restaurants, to get groceries, or to peddle to the Mission. Today I biked over to Golden Gate Park and enjoyed the Tour de Fat, a touring bike festival put on by Fat Tire of New Belgium Brewing, for the second time in one year.

I didn't stay nearly as long this year; mostly because it was nearing 90 degrees and I had spent the entire day in the sun already... but also because I had seen everything just a few months ago. The awesome thing about the Tour here is that everything is just that much larger and funnier. Not to mention, the Folsom Street Fair was this weekend, and much of the crowd was already trying on their costumes for the fetish ball, rendering about half of my photos not-suitable for posting, but really fun for people-watching.

The valet bike parking on crack, compared to the 10 bike stands they had in Minneapolis.
Gogol Bordello-sounding music. Again, really should find the name of the band.
Drunkards trying their hand at the crazy bikes.
There were more games, activities, and music, but most of my pictures involve mostly nude people that I definitely feel the need to spare you from. The 2010 Tour is just about wrapping up, but if it comes to a city near you, it's a lot of fun and is worth checking out.
As I settled down for the evening in anticipation of an early-morning race on Sunday, I was surprised with this tasty little treat... a perfect way to wrap up a really fun day.


  1. I loooooooove me some Fat Tire!!!

  2. The Tour de Fat sounds pretty awesome. I am going to have to make it next year.