Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow in San Francisco!

When I heard late in the week that there was a "likely" chance snow would come to San Francisco, I did my best sleuthing to figure out when exactly said snow was going to happen. Granted, I've already had nearly 30 years of winters filled with way too much snow, but the thought that snow would hit us at sea level was exciting.

The hours between 4a.m. and 6a.m. were looking like peak hours for flurries. I ate my breakfast and headed out on my long run somewhere around 5:30 hoping to catch a glimpse. This is what I saw.

My street was not only covered in snow, it was being threatened by some daunting storm clouds.
Heading up Lincoln Blvd. to the Golden Gate Bridge -- stopping to pack some snowballs along the way.
The sun peeking its way through the monstrous snowstorm.
The Bridge was so covered, I wished I had brought my Yax Tracks.
Sutro Tower barely holding its own against the storm. (Okay, so maybe something did come from those clouds, but I'm not convinced it happened here.)

Seriously though, the closest thing to snow was the frost on my hat after my run. 33-degree temperatures + a little sweat will do that, and, snow or no snow, I actually enjoyed bundling up and running in the cold early this morning.

Here's hoping the rest of you are staying safe in this unusual weather!


  1. There were apparently flurries up on Twin Peaks and in some parts of the Sunset and the Richmond districts around 11pm last night.

    I, however, got to see none of it in person...just the shaky KTVU weather cam. It was kind of disappointing. I've seen flurries here before, but if it had stuck, it would've been the first time in my lifetime.

    It was darn cold this morning when I headed out to work though! 33 degrees when I woke up and and it had warmed up to a frosty 37 by the time I got on the bus 45 minutes later. I actually wore a beanie and gloves...turns out I had some after all!

  2. Haha... Glad you didn't get buried in a snow drift.

  3. Liking the humor there A - very nice!! We got married about two hours inland from where you are and had snow on our wedding day - in 1988 !! Have a great weekend and the pics of the bay area are so awesome - we miss the ocean!

  4. lol LOVE this post. I had a feeling it was not going to happen but I was still sad when I rushed to the window this morning and saw nothing. I definitely LOVED the cold temps tho! Beautiful run.

    PS... lets get together for a long run soon!

  5. I had heard you might get snow - we have plenty here in Kansas City if you would like to visit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we just got our last snow. I am ready to see the grass again.

  6. Those are beautiful pictures. If ever there was a reason to get up and run early, it's views like that! I'm sorry you didn't get your flurries though :-(

  7. haha, I wish I could joke about the snow we have here! However, I literally can't run outside due to the mass amounts of snow and ice :(

  8. Hi!!!!!
    Great post! I had to laugh at the prospect of snow, too! Looks like we really dodged a bullet! Can't wait to meet you next week! Enjoy your week!

  9. such pretty views when you run! where are you from that you used to have snow? i don't think i know...hope i don't and that i just didn't forget.

  10. As long at the weather is perfect for next weeks “14-mile-run-for-the-donuts” event I’ll be happy.

    You do realize that you’ll be required to sign a non-compete agreement before the event right?

    I’ve lost too many of my running friends to you already.

    All the best,


  11. Love your pictures. And please give your dad my thoughts of support. People here are showing support as best we can.

  12. this made me laugh! i didn't think it was going to snow and only dreaded it because of the traffic chaos it would cause. great job getting up so early on a weekend!

  13. Hahahah, YES, this is amazing! Love the photos :) I can't wait to check out SF this summer!

  14. No snow...all the hype for nothing.

    Glad I get to meet you this weekend!

  15. Hi A,
    God, I wish that I was in Cali with you! You can have some of our snow if you really want:)

    Gorgeous pictures of the GG Bridge! I want warmer days and my running mojo back:)