Monday, October 10, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

(Sorry, RoadBunner, I am not breaking out my Christmas tunes just yet...)

I'm talking about Fleet Week, friends! I GD love Fleet Week. And the only thing better about Fleet Week is meeting up with a bunch of other local blogging runners (and even some blogging foodies -- that's a whole new world to me!) to watch some of the Fleet Week festivities.

This past Saturday, the gorgeous and amazing Courtney planned a truly magnificent blogger meet-up, hosted at our own equally generous and incredible Sports Basement-Presidio.

Love love.

That's us -- the Bad Ass Bloggers! Or Bay Area Bloggers. Whatever.

Oh goodness, the food. Some of this was given to us on behalf of SB (THANKS!), and the rest were our contributions. We had wayyyy too much food & not enough room in our bellies, which is usually not a problem for a group of runners.
We scared the other people using the Community Area away -- more space for us to gab!
Back row, left to right: Me, Jana, and Cate. Front row, left to right: Courtney, Teresa, Naomi, Audrey, Courtney, and Annalies.)

After stuffing ourselves to the brim with snacks, we headed out for the Fleet Week airshow, where we conveniently had front-row seats.

Gorgeous day for an air show, me thinks.

About a trillion boats were out on the water.
In comes the Marines plane.

(Great shot, Jana!)

Another groups of BAs... the Blue Angels.

They looked much cooler in person, I promise.
(Once again, Jana's pic is 289371023 sweeter than mine).

FLEET WEEK FUN! Back row, left to right: Courtney, Theresa, Suki, Audrey, Naomi, and Courtney. Front row, left to right: Cate, yours truly, and Jana. Not pictured: Annalies, Karin, and her adorable son.)

Overall, it was really fun getting to meet new people, hanging out with old friends, watching the airshow, and running run a few miles with Cate, who is back into running from her maternity leave! I'd call it a successful day all around. Thanks for organizing, Courtney!


  1. WOOOOO BLUE ANGELS! I am so sad they are gone. Only 51.8 more weeks til they come back.

    in other news, i may need a life.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Looks like you had great weather. And the food - there ALWAYS must be scrumptious food!

  3. Definitely a successful day! Must do it again soon!

  4. Can't wait til FW next year! Bummed I missed this meet-up :( but glad y'all had fun :)

  5. I'm so bummed I had class this weekend and had to miss out :(

  6. Sounds like sooo much fun!! So sad I missed you guys but looking forward to seeing you lots this week!

  7. Very cool. Looks like you all had sooo much fun. Beautiful day and great photos. Cheers.

  8. Yes, please do it again! I am so bummed that I ended up not being able to make it because I was really excited to see everyone. :(

  9. Argh, so bummed I missed this. I really dig that Sports Basement, and of course I'd love to meet you all! But I had a 17-miler that morning, and I knew there would be traffic bc of the Blue Angels.

  10. I love that you love Fleet Week so much! I always have so much fun hanging out with you!!!

  11. Looks like so much fun!! On another note, I realized I was somehow not following you...and I swear I was before...the mysteries of blogger :).

  12. Looks like so much fun and I'm sad I didn't get to see your face! But the good news is that I'll see you this weekend!

  13. man i totally need to move!!! i mean a blogger meet up the weekend before I am here and the SF nike the weekend I leave. Yeah I should live here

  14. You are such a tease with that title. It seriously made my heart skip a beat there :P Sorry I missed you ladies that day.