Sunday, March 11, 2012

Countdown to Ogden: Week 2

The next time I say I can't do something, just slap me and tell me to get going.

Ogden Marathon training, week 2

Goal: 11 mi. @ MGP + 30 sec. (8:30)
Actual: 11 mi. @ 8:04

This run in theory was too fast, but I decided to go with what my legs were craving ... aka "my happy pace." I started off this run casually, but as I warmed up I was feeling awesome and went with it. So glad I did.

Tuesday: Rest.

Goal: 8 mi.: 2-mile warm up, 4 miles @ LT (7:25-7:35), 2-mile cool down
Actual: 8.2 miles @ 7:49

In my mind, anything around a 9-minute mile is fast. Therefore, anything around 8-minute mile is REALLY fast, anything under a 7-minute mile is REALLY REALLY fast, and you get where I'm doing with this. So when Coach Aron told me to try to do 4 consecutive miles at my lactate threshold pace and I saw 7:25-7:35 on my training paces, I had a mild panic attack. That's a pace I've really only been able to hit during 5k and 10k races. She urged me to start with a warm up, then aim for 7:40s and work each mile down from there. I warmed up and once my Garmin clicked over to 2 miles, I took off sprinting.

After a few minutes, I looked down at my watch and saw I was holding a 7:00 pace. I slowed it way down and let my mile average catch up. By a half mile in, I was at a 7:20 average mile pace. I slowed down a bit more and watched it approach 7:30s. Then I settled in and cruised.

This run ended up being almost perfectly spot on once I found my groove. My cool-down miles -- even though they look "fast" -- felt extremely comfortable after pushing myself up some big hills at this LT pace. Apparently that's the trick: Go out too hard, and anything after that seems easier.

Confidence boosting run for me -- it felt awesome to do & I was so happy with how it went. Coach Z-Bar agreed. :)

Goal: Rest
Actual: 6 mi. @ 8:57

I traded out a rest day with a recovery day in order to have a free Friday night. Sue me.

Goal: 5 mi. recovery (9:00+)
Actual: Rest

Goal: 15 mi. @ MGP + 30 sec. to 1 min. (8:30-9:00)
Actual: 15 mi. @ 8:52

Met up with Kristin, Sima, Layla, Jana, and Jessica for a long run on the Golden Gate Bridge/along the San Francisco waterfront. Not wanting to focus on pace as much as mileage, time on my feet, and quality time with friends, I went with what everyone else was doing. Perfection.

Goal: Rest
Actual: 7.5 mi. @ 9:05

One thing I want to try this training cycle is a tip passed onto me from my friend Renee. She cut off an inspiring amount of time from her marathons last year, and upon picking her brain on her training, one thing she did really stood out to me: She takes half the distance of her long run & runs that the day after. I can totally understand the theory behind training your legs to continue moving even though they are tired, but also naturally building in some recovery. I'm feeling the need to at least give this a shot. My legs didn't feel any different after Saturday's 15-miler, but I still kept this run simple.

Overall I finished Week 2 with 47.7 miles of running, with most of my runs being exactly what my plan called for pace-wise. My legs and spirits feel good & I'm calling this week a success.

10 weeks until Ogden!


  1. Great training week! I like to keep my Friday nights open too so I also would have swapped out the rest day.

  2. GO girl!! holy cow those are some fast times!