Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Product Review & GIVEAWAY!! ProFoot Shoe Inserts

If I can take a timeout from writing a really boring post about my Ogden marathon training, I'd like to do that now.

Let's take a look under my desk at work.

And now let's take a look under my desk at home.

Right next to my bed?

Ahhh, the night boot of shame.
Inside my shoes?

Inserts galore!

Foot Pains

Some of you are probably thinking I keep random crap in all the hidden corners of my life, but I am sure some of you see what's going on here.

For basically as long as I've been running seriously, I've developed some form of plantar fasciitis. I'm not here to get sympathy or offer any advice on how to get rid of it, because I'm lucky in that by keeping these things near all of my smelly kicks, I'm able to keep most of my pain at bay. I've known people who've needed cortisone shots, of people who've had surgery, of people who've gone through therapies just to treat PF, and I'm pretty happy mine's never advanced to that point.

But, I also do a lot of work to keep it manageable. My plantar fasciitis is decidedly more pronounced in my right heel. My left heel feels similar on occasion, but really only after long runs. And I (obviously) do whatever I can to keep it from getting any worse, including rolling my feet on almost any round, hard surface I can find.

For the past year, the moment I stopped rolling my feet out, the day I took out my shoe inserts, the night I stopped wearing that silly boot, I felt it creeping back. The first step I took every morning was the worst, and I spent a good portion of the morning hobbling around.

Not fun a fun way to live.

So when a kind and generous contact from ProFoot contacted me about trying their 2 oz. Miracle Custom Molding Insoles, I seriously jumped alllllll over that email. I am all for trying easy, everyday things to keep heel pain away.

The review:
  • These nifty ProFoot Miracle inserts don't smell. (Not any worse than a shoe, anyway.) I have had my share of pretty gross inserts, and these do way better. Awesome. 
  • They don't fall apart, rub away, peel off, and they are so easy to switch from one pair of shoes to the next. They have an adhesive option to keep them in a single pair, but I find they stay put in whichever shoe I place them in. I also wear a lot of different shoes and like to keep my insert options open. Score.
  • And here is where you aren't going to believe me -- but I started using a very specific ProFoot Plantar Fasciitis insert this Ogden marathon training cycle, and I have had NO HEEL PAIN. (Wait, did I mention Ogden -- oops?) I'm not even kidding and no one is paying me to say that. In my eyes, this product has worked wonders. 

My contact at ProFoot is letting me giveaway 4 -- COUNT THEM, 4! -- goodie bags to four lucky readers. FOUR!!! Each winner will receive two (2) pairs of Miracle Insole inserts as well as a package of Moleskin second skins.


Ok, so there's no catch! To enter this giveaway, just one thing is asked:

1. Please go "like" their Facebook page, and let them know Diary of an Average Runner sent you! Then, leave me a comment here telling me you did that.

Want some additional easy entries?

2. Tweet about my giveaway -- feel free to wax some creativity; just be sure to tag me (@DiaryAvgRunner) so I can count your entry.

3. Leave me a comment here telling me WHY you want to try ProFoot shoe inserts. Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis or other foot/heel ailments? How do you treat your injuries or keep them away?

I will randomly pick FOUR winners next Friday, April 20th.

Good luck!


  1. Like Profoot. Done.

    I had PF 4 years ago and got the cortisone shot which made the pain go away entirely... until recently when I took up running :/ Now I get a dull pain every so often so any "miracle" insert is worth trying!

  2. I would love to try them... I have inserts in my ski boots, but have not worn inserts in my shoes for a while. The last ones I had were really hard and well... not using them anymore. :( I will send you a tweet too! Cheers!

  3. Um.yes, please :) I like pro foot on Facebook and am very interested I the inserts specifically for plantar fasciitis. I have self diagnosed my right foot with it :(

  4. I tweeted about your giveaway! @alisenasu

  5. Welp. I can't read directions..I mashed two entries into one up there. Clearly, I'm desperate to win these suckers! Inserts would be a great way to start helping this mysterious heel pain!

  6. I like Pro Foot on Facebook!!

  7. I've been battling plantar fasciitis as well, and let me tell you it sucks!! I have an insert that I use with my running shoes, but it's always frustrating to have to switch my insert into every other shoe that I wear. It'd be great to have a Pro Foot insert that I put into my other shoes to keep my feet happy!

  8. I tweeted!!/pace_of_laurel/status/190467542643519488

  9. i have that exact stash of things in my apt and under my desk

  10. Liked! Tweeted! and here is my reason I want to give these a try: I have (what sounds like) a similar case as you. Which we will talk about on our run today. (Ha). It doesnt bother me alot, it is just sort of there. Doesnt hurt when I run or walk, but I can feel it. When I roll it on a golf ball, it hurts. Not scream and cry hurts, but definitely a "whince" hurt. Thankfully it doesnt affect my running to walking.

  11. I would enter this and then give them to my mom, who has feet problems, if I was a good daughter. Sadly I don't "like" stuff on FB, except awesome comments/statuses, so this is my contest entry fail. Unless it helps for you to know that I "liked" them on the facebook in my inner soul....?

    I like your saucy Newtons there. You got me interested, I want to try on a pair!

  12. Went to FB and told them you sent me!

  13. Tweeted!!!/tnwendy/status/190523518209896449

  14. I would love to try these in my shoes as I have flat feet and would love to see the difference they could/would make.

  15. My knees are are a problem lately and I think inserts would help. FB'd em!

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  17. That's fantastic! I will tell you that finding the right orthotic arch support for your feet can be a challenge. We spend alot time helping customers and would like to offer this opportunity to you too.



  18. I have a foot issue with my arches and on the ball of my foot close to my big toe. Maybe these will help? Who knows, but excited for the chance to find out. Thanks for this giveaway!

  19. I have had PF in the past and have never tried inserts before would love to see how they feel.

  20. Liked them on FB and told them you sent me!

  21. My heel hurts a ton right now - is that what PF feels like? That's why I need to win!

  22. And I need them because the support that comes with my running shoes that I pay a million dollars for (slight exaggeration) never works. I always have to trade for inserts, and I'd like to try a new brand!

  23. like profoot on fb Julie A Scott Laws and left comment

  24. my husband has plantar faciitis he really could use these