Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nuun Giveaway Winner!

Thank you all for your comments on why you should win not one, not two, but THREE tubes of delicious, delicious Nuun! I wish I could make you all winners (well, you ARE all winners, but you know what I mean), but alas, I have to pick one.
I enjoyed reading all your responses! My favorites included:

Jen from Pretend this is real, who tied in many reasons why running hungover is no fun and Nuun could help her stay hydrated. I love how you embrace the New Orleans culture and still have an awesome running life!

Pam from Thirty Schmirty, who cracked me up with her "Why should I win? I am cheap and this is free" -- that IS a good reason to win, and I have the same mindset. I love free stuff!

Tortuga_Runner from Tales of an Ambitious Slacker, who wins extra cool-kid points for admitting that she runs with a fanny pack. Awesome! ;)

And the winner is . . .

Just like I'm not giving away only one tube of Nuun, Julie didn't give me only one reason why she should win Nuun. I shook my head at the thought of her catching sleet in her mouth to hydrate during the winter months (can't say I miss that), and she wins four stars simply for the fact that she hydrates her bike rides to school with hot chocolate. Now that's talent!

I didn't even think about trying the cola-flavored Nuun for the reason she gave me -- becoming addicted to a cola that actually hydrates!? I might need to try now! -- and I really hope I can hear her personally say "Nuun of your business" when I ask what she's drinking while she kicks ass at Grandma's Marathon next summer. :)

Julie, please send your info to diaryofanaveragerunner [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll get these in the mail to you so you can start hydrating right away. Best of luck in your training this winter, and please stay injury free!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!



  2. OMG, I got cold chills just thinking about catching sleet in my mouth! lol Although one time last winter I DID resort to scooping up a handful of clean snow and eating that ...

    Congrats, Julie!

  3. Yeah!!! Thanks A! I can't wait to try the Nuun!

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  5. Me too am thankful for vegans! Spotted your comment over at VegitariRun, am looking forward to the vegan thanksgiving support! :-)

    Oh, and congrats to Julie!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving A - have an awesome day!!

  7. i have some good news for you on my blog post today :)