Friday, April 8, 2011

Running the Numbers

Oh my gosh you guys, I suck at blogging lately.

Basically my life has been super crazy awesome fantastic busy, and I'm loving pretty much every second of my days. This doesn't always leave me with a lot of time to write anymore -- that includes me commenting on your blogs! I try to catch up on the bus in the morning, but my reader doesn't always comply with my desire to comment ... and my bus ride isn't very long. While running used to be my "me-time" activity, it hasn't been that way so much lately. Sometimes it feels like running has become my life, but I am happy about this.

Lately I've been doing more group runs.

Lululemon ROGA (running + yoga) club
I went to the first San Francisco Marathon Training group where I got to run with Aron and Kristin!
Punk Rock Racing Donut Run, Part I
In effort to appease my long-run nervousness, I've been doing some long runs with people who are awesome and keep me motivated. Why didn't anyone ever tell me that running with friends makes it 28397102983190823701x better?! Lately I haven't been *as* nervous for long runs!

Running (12 miles) with speed-demon Katie in torrential rain
Running (17 miles) with Boston-bound Aron in crisp spring air
Annnnd, I've done a bit of race volunteering/cheering, because helping out with races is just as important as running them!

Finish-line tag collector at the DSE Arts & Sciences 5k
Sports Basement Cheer Squad at the Emerald Bay 12k
I also ran a virtual marathon, which, if I ever get my fear of running long under wraps, this could be an interesting indicator of what I'm capable of. (I ran this marathon in three runs: a 2.6-mile run [22:36], a 7.4-mile run [1:04:37], and a 16.2-mile run [2:20:36].)

Cupcake Marathon Spring 2011 -- 3:47:49 (8:41 pace)
I got a gym membership (again) so I can fit in more cross-training and hopefully stave off some repetitive-motion injuries while not feeling guilty about taking rest days. I'm still taking a day or so of complete rest, but I'm exchanging at least 1 day of light/"junk miles" for cycling and/or elliptical. It's good, and I'm trying not to be too strict with my training schedule.
I had my running gait analyzed by video, and while the session in and of itself was pretty worthless, I did walk away with a few ideas for improving my stride. It's now just a matter of incorporating the little I took away from it, which isn't as easy as it sounds. (P/S: I do NOT recommend BreakAway Performance in San Francisco. We can open our own discussion if you're curious why.)

I somehow picked up another sponsor. (2011 rocks.)
I accidentally became a Half Fanatic! Or, rather, I accidentally qualified and decided to go for it. :)

I should more accurately wear my Half Fanatic shirt instead of my Marathon Maniac shirt...

Because, speaking of half marathons, I've added some more exciting 2011 races to my schedule -- one that is completely out of my comfort zone, and all of which are just plain awesome.

The Giant Race (half marathon) -- I seriously can't wait to run this race with Layla, Naomi, Karin, and Micheale!

The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship Trail Race (half marathon). Gulp.
That's pretty much all the updates you need for now. EXCEPT THAT I HAVE ANOTHER AMAZING GIVEAWAY COMING UP! Stay tuned, assuming I make it back to blogland soon.


  1. Had to laugh at the 'super crazy awesome fantastic' description at the start of the entry ... but then I read the whole thing, and that about sums things up perfectly. Sounds like life is all kinds of good for you right now, and you're killing it with the running. Keep it up!

  2. You've been busy with some really awesome stuff! Congrats on all that!

  3. How do you feel about PF for a gym? My mom belonged to the one in Daly City for awhile. I'm with the Embarcadero YMCA, which I love, but which is also $67 a month. I don't feel I go enough to pay that much...but at the same time, they have a pool when I feel like trying to pretend I can swim. Plus their proximity to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market is a plus. Also a good location to do AT&T Park/Fisherman's Wharf runs.

    I'm not sure what my schedule will be, but I sort of want to do the Giants run. I may be out of town though. Totally want a BobbleHead....

    Lastly, I'm on the verge of committing to entering the random drawing for the Nike Women's Half this year. Have you run it before? Opinions?

  4. This is all just well... super crazy awesome fantastic!

    I thought of you at my half this morning when I saw a girl wearing her yellow Marathon Maniacs singlet. :) I ALSO saw a blue Half Fanatics singlet, and after I run another half next weekend I will have one too!

  5. i've been behind on blogging too! so looking forward to the giant race!

  6. Wow! I love the positivity and awesomeness in this post! I love group runs and I do agree, they make running so much more fun and long distances feel like nothing!

    PS I spy a LUNK ALARM in that gym pic ;) Make sure not to set that one off Alyssa!

  7. MEEEEEH You and I are supposed to run, all these things are falling right into place because this is where we are supposed to be! I am so happy that all these doors keep opening! EEEEk! I love love love it!(and so does Louie) ok bye bye(have to get ready for work and go to bed early to wake up earlier and RUN!)xoxox

  8. Wow, that is certainly all very exciting! Some good races you've got lined up there. I only do very long runs alone for mental training. If that's not needed I go for races as training runs.

  9. Great, great, great! Sounds like life is really perking along very nicely for you - very busy and very exciting. Keep up the good work! And is it just me but is it always raining there in the Bay Area???!!! :-)

  10. My head is spinning -- you HAVE been busy! Congrats on the Gu sponsorship, and all the running you've been putting in. Especially the long 'uns :)

  11. Wow! It sounds like things have been going so well for you! That's great. I feel so inspired! Keep up the good work and don't worry about us here in blogoland. We'll still be here :)

    Also, That's cool that you've been volunteering at races. That's a good idea. Good job!

  12. I love group runs. congrats on the training.

  13. A - I wanted to make sure you saw my comment so I am leaving it here instead of my blog...I am signed up as an individual. Do you know if there is a difference in how they pick groups vs. individuals? I really didn't understand that aspect. Have you done that race before? I have heard good things and bad things.