Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Slight Change in Plans...

...or a 5.2-mile detour, you might say.

Earlier this week, I was signed up for this May 1st Big Sur race:

After a fateful Monday-night get-together with my dear friend RoadBunner, I'm now signed up for this Big Sur race:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. RoadBunner convinced me to upgrade to the marathon.



And not just a marathon. THE G-D BIG SUR MARATHON.

What's better? I know I'm not prepared. I'm not prepared for a marathon, let alone the Big Sur marathon. I've had exactly three runs over 15 miles in THE PAST YEAR. I haven't mentally put myself in a place where I am training for a marathon... at least not one soon.

I debated about not saying anything here for fear of having another miserable race and needing to report back to all those who hold my running accountable. But, I already spilled the beans to my friends on Facebook and Twitter, so really, it's no surprise.

Here's the plan.

The "main" race I'm focusing on this year is still the San Francisco Marathon. I want to do that race well, I want to finish strongly, and I want to not fall apart the last few miles like I have in marathons past. The little "sub-4" is lingering in the back of my mind for SFM, but I've still thought that if I can do decently there, I could run a fast course and attempt my sub-4 later this year.

Essentially, while I want to do well at SFM, I'm using it as a tune-up for another marathon later. Follow?

And I wanted to use the Big Sur 21-Mile race as a training run for SFM. Except now, I'm increasing my distance.

This doesn't mean I'm going to slack off on the marathon I'M RUNNING IN 10 DAYS. Sure, I want to bring my camera, have a fun weekend with my girlfriends, and run a hilly, hard run. I just don't want to die trying.

I will do my best, I'll see what my body gives me, and I'll gauge what I need to work on for the San Francisco Marathon. But the truth is, I'm still really just viewing this run as a training run for SFM.

I'm running a marathon as a training run for a marathon... which will be a tune-up for another marathon.

Is this weird?

Can I claim my Maniac status for real now?

Thanks, RoadBunner, for talking me into this. I am completely bipolar -- one minute super excited, the next minute terrified of what I'm about to do -- because of you. ;) It's going to be a GREAT weekend regardless of what happens!


  1. Totally reasonable. I'm doing the same thing to get MM silver..if you slow down you can do it (and it's a long run for the next race) 8)

  2. You are loca!!! That's awesome - love the "training run marathon." It sounds crazy but will be awesome. Be sure to take lots of photos - someday I'll come down for that one :)

  3. woah! that's awesome!
    You're gonna do great, just have fun with it! :)

    I love that you are using this as a training run!

  4. Sounds like you have a great mindset for this. Go YOU!

  5. Awesome!!! Big Sur is supposed to be great! So excited for you :D

  6. I freakin' LOVE IT! Yep, you are definitely a marathon maniac now. No doubt about it. :)

  7. sounds like a great plan to me!! have fun!

  8. Ha! I kind of have the same thing going with my next big race -- I'm doing the S.F. half marathon in preparation for the Santa Rosa half.

  9. I am oh so very proud of you.
    Ive said it before and I will say it AGAIN


  10. The power of friends, "oh after 21 miles, what an extra 5.2"

    Have fun and enjoy the reward for all your hard work

  11. I like it! I'm giving you a high five....

  12. Hi Alyssa, YAY for going BIG!!! You can do it...those last miles are all mental, and you've proven over and over that you are one strong cupcake! :-)

  13. :)

    I was thinking about this on my run today and I'm just going to say it. Feel free to pretend you didn't hear, but I'd like it on record when I'm proved to be right:

    I am fairly certain that as long as you don't carry a camera and stop at every pretty vista to take 5 photos you are either going to PR or post a time VERY close to your current PR. And you're going to do this feeling as if you were just out for an easy Saturday long run stroll.

    There. I said it. We'll chat about what this means later :D

  14. I've done that before. And as long as you don't get swept up in the Big Sur excitement, it will probably work out find. Just use it for training, as you said, enjoy yourself, take pictures, stop for scenic views. You'll do great!

  15. after seeing your mile splits during your 20-miler, i am 100% certain you are more than ready for big sur and will rock it! i will be thinking of you on sunday!