Sunday, July 3, 2011

Runs With Friends

Once again, time for blogging has slipped away from me, but these last few weekends have been perfect in terms of getting in my final long runs before the San Francisco Marathon in a four weeks. (Wow, just four weeks!!?)

I've been doing all of my long runs with speed-demon Katie lately, which is great because she really knows how to push me when I need a little push. She also knows how to humor me when I really need a little break. :) While I never thought I'd be a social runner -- I've always enjoyed getting out there on my own -- all of my recent runs seem to prove otherwise...

Saturday, June 25th

Last Saturday, I met up with Katie and Aron for my first 20-miler of this training cycle. We met at the Sports Basement in Potrero Hill and ran 20 miles of the San Francisco Marathon course. We had an AWESOME long run, and even though I had a teeny tiny bonk at mile 17, this training run was a huge confidence booster for SFM.

20 miles/2:52:24/8:37 pace

Katie, Aron, & me

Sunday, June 26th

On Sunday, I left the City to run for the very first time! Aron organized a Bay Area blogger meet-up, and I got to see some old friends as well as meet some new ones. We headed over to Danville where I did an easy recovery run, and I enjoyed chatting, drinking coffee, and getting to know these girls afterward. I loved running on the Iron Horse Trail and hope to go back for more long runs in the future.

6 miles/56:34/9:27 pace

Back row: Alisyn, Naomi, Page, Kristen, Caitlin, Kerry, Layla, Beth, Courtney
Front row: me, Tara, Audrey, Jana, Katie, Megan, Aron
Not pictured: Cate
Katie, me, & LaylaLoved all the shade from the trees -- it is HOT over in the East Bay!Mmmmm coffeeAlisyn, Courtney, me, Aron, Cate, & Layla
Thursday, June 30th

On Thursday, I went to the lululemon Run Club rewards program kick-off. I have gone to their ROGA (running + yoga) sessions before, but this is a brand-new program where we get lululemon rewards for running mileage with the team. A lot of people showed up, and we had a great time running with so many lululemon enthusiasts.

It's a bit like finding Waldo, but I'm in there.
Laura, Katie, & me
Aron & me

Saturday, July 2nd

Yesterday, I met up with a few ladies for a simple (by "simple" I mean "not as hilly as the SFM course") 16-miler along the west side of the city. I really wanted a break from the hills I have been training on, and a casual tweet conversation about running with Katie turned into an epic adventure with other runners. I finally got to meet Megan, another vegan runner who came into the city to join us. Aron brought Kristin along, and we had a great time as these 16 miles seriously flew by.

16 miles/2:19:00/8:38 pace

Katie, me, & Golden Gate Park
Megan, Katie, me, Kristin, & Aron
Sunday, July 3rd

Ramen has become one of my favorite foods, and for a while I've been wanting to plan a "Ramen Run." Today that happened! Although this weekend was a busy one for traveling and it was also ungodly hot in the city, a great group of people came out to Golden Gate Park for a casual run -- and we indulged in ramen afterward! I had a great recovery run and a fun morning with Layla, Kerry, Audrey, RoadBunner, Kristen, Jana, Naomi, and Karin.

8 miles/1:12:54/9:06 pace

All of us at Genki Ramen for the most perfect post-run meal (even when it's stupid hot out)
Sunday, July 10th

Next weekend I will be taking part in a 6-hour distance challenge, where athletes run as many 1-mile loops as they can/want in 6 hours. I am planning on using this as my final long run before SFM, and I'll be dropping out once I hit my intended mileage (still up in the air, but I'm thinking 22 to 24 miles based on how I'm feeling.) I've managed to talk some friends into also running the 6-hour challenge for their long runs as well, so next weekend is going to be another fun weekend of running long with friends.

As I close in on my one-year anniversary of being in the Bay Area (has it been 11 months already!!??), all of these group runs have allowed me to enjoy a lot of the beauty and excitement the Bay Area has to offer -- both in terms of running and in friendships. I feel so lucky to be here and to have been welcomed into such an awesome community.


  1. Nice pace for your 20-miler. You are going to do so well, especially with 4 more weeks of training yet. Nice to have company on those runs. I did most all my training solo, would be nice to have company!

  2. So many fun runs! I am so happy I was able to run some of them with them.

    Thanks again for today! It was awesome and I loved the ramen! It really was a perfect post run lunch.

  3. Running is definitely so much easier with friends :)

    Thanks for organizing the Ramen Run! Maybe one day I'll plan a cupcake run :P

  4. Good times, good times...

  5. Hi! You are doing really great with your running. You are going to have an awesome time (but in terms of actual and fun) at the SF marathon). I would see hope to see you there, but you will be miles a head of me. :)

  6. I agree with Audrey - running is so much better with friends! Thank you for organizing Sunday's festivities (my family loved the Genki Ramen takeout I think we'll be taking a field trip there soon). Glad we got to chat more this time and hope to see you again this Sunday as well - 3 Sundays in a row?!

  7. The Bay Area running community is a better place with you here. I’m glad you decided to make the move and thank you for being such a great friend.

    All the best - Ron

  8. This all looks to fun! I wanna play! HOORAY SO SO SO SO SO SOON.
    p.S. you are totally gonna rock the socks of the run this sat!

  9. My what an active social run life you lead! :)
    I am def. a social runner - It wouldn't be the same without all the wonderful friendships that go along with it!

  10. That looks like some awesome runs you had! Such a great 20 miler!

  11. what a fun way to spend your long runs! you guys seem like you have a great group of bloggers to meet up with!

  12. I am totally kicking myself for failing to be part of the inaugural Ramen Run!

  13. Awesome - and lots of pictures - we love lots of pictures :) You really are liking those hills aren't you...???

  14. I am beyond jealous of all your runs...both for the scenery and the meet-ups!!

  15. Oh I miss NorCal!! Looks like you have some fabulous running buddies--awesome pace for all your runs!!! Love all the pics!

  16. Love that you know Aron!! She is one of my favorite bloggers :) Looking forward to meeting you at Hood To Coast!!!

  17. I a sorely behind on your blog here. Yay for runs with friends!!! And I remember when I met you, you said you didn't really like to run with people :)