Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Race" Recap: 6-Hour Distance Classic

My longest training run in this cycle happened to fall the same weekend as the 6-Hour Distance Classic, a run put on by my local running club, the DSE Runners. This "race" involves the Crissy Field Lagoon, a one-mile loop, and a bunch of runners circling for 6 hours.


Originally I wanted to see how many laps I could do in 6 hours, but the more rational side of me (okay, so it was actually RoadBunner who threatened some sense into me) told me to just do my mileage for the day, then drop out to avoid burn-out before the marathon.

A fully supported run where all the nutrition, water, and Biffys I need for a long run less than a mile away sounded pretty good. The only thing that didn't sound appealing was running on a flat, gravel loop for hour after hour after hour after hour.

It did get better, though, when Ron and Karin agreed to run it as their final long run for SFM, too! And then Megan and her husband Eric expressed interest in joining us.

And so did RoadBunner.

Through Twitter, I learned that Cate, Cate's husband Mike, and Courtney could also make it. Audrey and Naomi could stop by to run laps as well.

Aron's lululemon event got canceled that same morning, so she could come run. Layla could run laps too. Jana could meet us a few hours later.

And the world exploded into love all around me!

A cloudy morning and boring-sounding long run suddenly became ANOTHER weekend reunion with this awesome running community, when originally I was planning on being out there all by my lonesome. I even had the pleasure of running a few miles with my friends beforehand, and then 17 loops around Crissy Field by myself -- but with my friends no further than a mile away.

Best long run imaginable. I loved it.

The first 7 miles were up and over the Golden Gate Bridge for some hillwork with Megan, Eric, Ron, RoadBunner, Karin, and Layla.

1: 9:18
2: 9:30
3: 8:44
4: 8:44
5: 8:30
6: 8:20
7: 8:37
Megan and me on the quiet bridge this morning!

The last 17 miles of my long run were one-mile loops around Crissy Field during the 6-hour. I was going to be happy with anything over 20 miles, but I was really shooting for 22 to 24. The great thing was that if I had any moment of wanting to quit, it was really easy to say "just one more lap." Amazingly, my legs kicked into a higher gear at mile 16, and the last 8 miles I did actually felt the best.

Not a bad background, even after 17 laps.Look closely and find Layla, Aron, RoadBunner, & Karin running on the gravel portion -- downtown San Francisco peaking over the trees.
8: 8:30
9: 8:31
10: 8:41
11: 8:27
12: 8:29
13: 8:29
14: 8:27
15: 8:31
16: 8:19
17: 8:19
18: 8:18
19: 8:12
20: 8:13
21: 8:10
22: 8:08
23: 8:16
24: 8:00

I think I'm going to do just one more lap!
Almost done.
Total distance run: 24.08 miles
Total time: 3:24:31 (8:29 pace)

Jana, RoadBunner, Karin, Layla, me, Aron, & Cate
(Yeah, some of us may have ended up at Genki for more ramen.)
After today, I KNOW I am ready for the San Francisco Marathon! I am so excited to take these next three weeks easier and focus mentally on this race. I'm STILL figuring out how to precisely word my goals for SFM (okay, so maybe I'm still thinking about my goals just a little...), and I'll post those soon. :)


  1. YAY!!! You are like the mastermind of making running so much fun! Thanks to you, I have now experienced yummy Ramen TWICE and have actually looked forward to my last two long runs, instead of dread it :P

    And I LOVE the pics!!! Yay for cute group running pics :D

  2. I am SOOOO thrilled for you. SF is going to be amazing. You rocked this run out of the park. Your splits are amazing! And I second what Audrey said... You are the mastermind of awesome running adventures! You'll just have to do another post with tons of running shots from today later. <3

  3. So awesome! Way to turn an outdoor treadmill run (almost!) into something super fun :) Of course, having the GGB right there is pretty cool in and of itself! Fantastic job on the 24…can't wait to hear about your goals for the marathon and then watch you nail them. I will be out there cheering you on, you know :)

  4. Nice job on mentally tough! I'm impressed!

  5. Amazing run! What a great opportunity for a long run, and how awesome that you had so many friends with you for it. Hooray!

  6. 17 miles in circles - ouch! Good thing you had moral support on that one. It sounds like you're ready for SFM!!!

  7. How way insanley cool is this? A. your legs rip, B. your timeing was AMAZING and C. Im glad you listened to your Jimminey Crickets and ran a good amount of miles! oh and D. Duh, SFM is gonna RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULE, actually.. correction, we are going to rule SFM!

  8. You are SO READY to rock SFM!! Awesome job out there yesterday (and thanks for the introduction to was amazing!)

  9. Alyssa, well done! You look strong and sound mentally tough. You will ROCK SFM!!! :-)

  10. woooow you are sooo ready. you are going to rock this. go get 'em!

  11. So fast!!! I can't imagine running that many loops, but long training supported is a great idea!

  12. a 24 mile training run, you are SOOOO ready for this. I've never done a loop run...afraid it might mentally kill me

  13. You are going to rock SFM!! Awesome run - at least you had a beautiful background for all those miles.

    Wish I could have joined you guys (and soooo jealous about the ramen) but hopefully it won't be too long til we have another meet up.

  14. AHHHH I love this! Seriously seeing your face come around that corner time after time with the huge smile on it was the BEST thing ever. You are peaking at just the right time my friend and I can't wait to be there to see you rock SFM! Well a little bit behind you but still "there" :)

    Um next time I need to stay and see what this ramen obsession is all about.

  15. one mile loops are crazy. you're going to kill SF!

  16. I'm not sure I could do 1 mile laps. That might drive me crazy, so great job! You are getting so fast. You are going to rock the SF marathon!!! You also need to change your name since you are a really Fast Runner. You are awesome!

  17. What a fun day!! Check out that long run, you are so going to ROCK SF!! Pretty view for the run, although I can't imagine running such a loopy course...

  18. I'm so happy this run went so well. You've had an amazing training cycle and I am really looking forward to SFM for you!

  19. You are getting better and better each day!! You are going to demolish SF. CONGRATS!

  20. Ordinarily laps would sound very unappealing but the run with friends and just having to do one more lap sound very appealing. You had a great pace for a lot of miles.

  21. So awesome to have a running community around you. Makes a huge difference. Nice run! Looks like you are ready to me!

  22. You made this training run into something stellar! Excellent run and pace for 24 miles!!! WOW!!!

    Oh I miss the Bay Area every time I visit your blog!! Gorgeous scenery.

  23. I would like to go to California for something just like this.....