Monday, August 27, 2012

CIM Training: Week 2 of 16

Week 2 of my training plan, week 3 of my new job, week 4 of waking up early to run...

CIM training: Week 2 (week of Aug. 20) 

Goal: 11 mi. moderate
Actual: 9 mi.

I was so tired when I woke up on Monday morning, I opted to hit snooze twice & gave up two miles in sleep's place. I intended to make up the miles later in the week during my long run, as this morning stuff is still taking this I-love-to-sleep-late girl some getting used to. I was fine with my decision.

Goal: Rest
Actual: Rest

Goal: 8 mi. easy w/ 4 mi. hard
Actual: 8 mi. easy w/ 4 mi. hard.

Done deal. My "hard" miles were basically just running sub-8s, since I still don't really know what kind of paces I want to be hitting right now. As of the moment, I mostly just want the miles.

Goal: Rest
Actual: Rest

Goal: 5 mi. recovery
Actual: 4.08 mi. easy

My 4-mile neighborhood loop was sounding much easier this morning than tacking on an additional mile somewhere. So I didn't.

Goal: 13 mi. easy
Actual: 16 mi. hard (mostly because of the steep hills & elevation gain)

Here is where my missed miles for the week came in. I logged 15.56 miles for the race, and then went home and ran the extra to round the mileage. My full race recap is here.

Pretty much the most perfect shadow ever.

Goal: 6 mi. recovery
Actual: 7.05 mi. recovery

I met up with Renee & her recently converted runner friend in Golden Gate Park. :)

All in all, I wrapped up week 2 with 47.16 miles. I am happy with how it all felt... except for the waking up early crap.


  1. I loooove your finish line photo! Fabulous week of training <3

  2. Waking up early isn't easy. I fell off the early morning bandwagon and need to get on it STAT. Great training week...I hope your new job is treating you well.

  3. holy blog dump! here's what I read; MANY MANY MILES OUCH.



  4. Awesome training! Way to go./...