Sunday, September 2, 2012

CIM Training: Week 3 of 16

A week of moving everything around. As long as it gets done!

CIM training: Week 3 (week of Aug. 27) 

Goal: 8 mi. easy w/ 10 x 100m
Actual: Rest

After the long trail run on Saturday and the recovery miles Sunday, I actually woke up Monday morning feeling sorer than I'd felt the entire weekend. I decided to take my rest day a day early and slept another hour instead. My muscles seriously appreciated the break.

Goal: Rest
Actual: 8 mi. easy w/ 10 x 100m


Courtney sent me a message late Monday afternoon asking if I wanted to join her for her run the next morning. Of course I said yes -- I know it'd get me out of bed! And that's exactly what we did: I ran 2 on my own, met her for 5, then did my pick ups on my mile home. For once, I had a morning run that didn't feel *too* miserable. (Note the word "too". And note that it was more than likely because I was greeting by a smiling friend.)

Goal: 11 mi. easy
Actual: 11.1 mi. @ ass-kicking pace

I got up dark & early Wednesday morning determined to get my 11 miles in. My first 4 miles were slow as it was nearly pitch-black, but once the sun came up my legs started turning over & I was feeling awesome. I ended up finishing 11.1 miles, showered, made my lunch, AND hopped on the bus heading downtown before 8a.m. This is something I am definitely proud of. 

And there was a beautiful sunrise to boot, but my years-old camera phone does it no justice.
Goal: Rest
Actual: 4.08 miles recovery

Shifting some workouts around, as I knew I wouldn't be running on Friday morning...

Goal: 4 mi. recovery
Actual: Rest

...As suspected, this workout couldn't have happened.

Goal: 13 mi.
Actual: Rest

Unplanned rest day after a long Friday night & a major desire to sleep in Saturday morning before a bunch of activities. :(

Goal: 7 mi. recovery
Actual: 21 mi.!!

I wanted to make up some of the miles I missed the day before, but the weather was so perfect & I was feeling good so I just kept going. I kept this entire long run easy... I have another big run planned for Monday since I have the day off, and I want to make sure my legs are functioning.

Perfect running weather -- soupy fog so thick you can barely see a block ahead.
The most active (and close!) I've seen the buffalo in Golden Gate Park.

All in all, I finished week 3 with 44.18 miles of running. I feel slightly let down because of this low number despite getting a decent long run in... but the consolation I feel with this is that I'm not logging junk miles. At one point I became very satisfied with daily 3- and 4-milers. There's nothing wrong with this, but I like that my average runs have become more like 7 or 8 miles, even though they aren't happening every day. Yet.

That said, I'm happy my workouts aren't junk & I'd rather continue to get quality miles in. I've been keeping it easy since CIM is still a long 13 weeks away & I don't want to burn out, but I can't overlook the fact I'm still running a for-fun marathon in 7 weeks. I feel like I should at least be hitting 45- to 50-mile weeks during these weeks & it's time to get serious about that.


  1. I hate it when my 7 mile runs accidentally turn into 21.

  2. All in all a good and successful week, well done.

  3. Strikes me as a fantastic training week, with some fun thrown in as well. That's a good thing!! I'm awestruck at the 11 miles before work - wow!! You must have been up at 5.30 or something incredible. Apparently there are new Bison in the paddock - maybe these are less lethargic!!

  4. That is crazy to go from 7 planned to 21. Great job!

  5. I'm training for CIM too! Nice job on your 21 miler :)

  6. Your phone did an admirable job on the sunrise photo :)

    Oh, and nice running for the week!