Sunday, September 9, 2012

CIM Training: Week 4 of 16


CIM Training: Week 4 (week of Sept. 3)

Goal: 5 mi. recovery
Actual: 10 mi. trails

Monday was Labor Day, and Jojo, Courtney & I headed for the hills on our day off. Coming off of a 21-miler the day before, this hilly Headland run (including 2,057' of climbing in just 10 miles!) felt strangely good.

The bridge came out of the fog for a second while we were spanning it.

 How cool is this? (Photo courtesy of Courtney.)

Happy Labor Day!

Goal: 10 mi. w/ 5 mi. @ LT
Actual: 5 mi. recovery

Nothing to this, just switching around my Monday & Tuesday workouts.

Goal: 11 mi.
Actual: 8.04 mi.

I was feeling a bit tired on this morning so I chopped off a few miles knowing that I'd make them up over the weekend.

Goal: Rest
Actual: 3.5 mi.

My new company puts on unofficial 5ks once a month, and this month we ran along the Embarcadero where the America's Cup boats are practicing. I traded out my day of rest for a day of celebrating fitness in the workplace. (Or something like that.)

Goal: 5 mi. recovery
Actual: Rest

Goal: 10 mi.
Actual: 17 mi. trails

On Friday night I headed out to Aron's house to have another dinner party/sleepover with her, Page (whom I haven't seen in FOREVERRRRR!) and Cate. Early Saturday morning, I followed Aron on her first of 2 long runs this weekend, where she showed me around her stomping grounds. I've been drooling over some of the pictures on her blog and this weekend I got to see them for myself! 

I covered 17 miles in the East Bay, including 2,474' of elevation gain. She lives in a breathtakingly beautiful part of California, and I can't help but be a little envious of these glorious golden hills. 

Not a bad way to start a weekend.

Sunrise over California.

Aron and her mountain!

 Me doing the Monkey Dance. Or running. I can't really tell the difference.


Aron charging up the final climb.
Goal: 5 mi. recovery
Actual: 6.5 mi. recovery 

All in all, I finished week 4 with 50.04 miles of running. Finally, a 50-mile week, and more than half of those miles were on trails! Here is where my 12-week training plan that I am re-using from Ogden starts, so these first 4 weeks were more or less a build-up that I'm repeating for the next 4 weeks going into more serious training. I have done all morning runs, I've gotten in plenty of runs with friends, I completed more trail miles than ever before, and I have a solid foundation under my belt. I'm in a good place to start these last 12 weeks, and from here until Humboldt (6 weeks away), I'm going to be thinking more seriously about my goal for CIM.


  1. Good job getting 50 miles in. It sounds like your training is going good. It's always a great feeling to feel like you are in a good place training wise. Keep it up!

  2. WOOHOO for a 50-mile week!

    That scenery is AMAZING.

  3. Wow! Trail Girl :)

    It is beautiful out there!

  4. Your pictures are going to make me seriously jealous!!! nice job this week!

  5. Congrats on the 50 miles! Your pictures are gorgeous, too. I always plan to take my camera out on a run, but almost always forget to bring it with. Oh well!

  6. Sooo bummed I missed out on the trail run; those photos are sooo gorgeous. One of these days...
    Great job hitting 50 miles!

  7. nice mileage. beautiful scenery for a long run. envious!

  8. Great week for you! And I am SO envious of those trails and views!

  9. Great running! That is a super week! Beautiful photos, thanks! I hope one day I will run on some of those trails as well.

  10. Badass!! Nice work!

  11. Awesome week and loooove all those trail miles in there :) I had so much fun with you, can't wait for more runs soon!

  12. vist here

  13. Great 50 mile week girlie! love those pic's...especially the mountains!