Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strip Tease

The forecast this weekend is calling for a massive cool-down accompanied by potential freezing rain and -- gasp! -- snow. Thankfully it's been so warm that there's no way the freezing drizzle will last for more than a few hours and it definitely won't stay. But it's still enough to put a damper on Team Ortho's St. Patrick's Day 7k.
So, while I had the chance, I stripped down to my booty shorts, a light t-shirt, and I enjoyed the warm air while it's here.

It feels good to run without all that extra weight -- and I ended up running a pretty speedy 4 miler. (I've also switched back from my trail shoes back into road shoes on Tuesday, which is taking more getting used to than I thought.) This solid training run makes me want to set a goal for this weekend. Normally I don't really set goals for races other than to do my best and run faster than my previous race, and I usually don't put my goals out in the wind, but since I've never run a 7k, I am a virgin to this distance and will automatically set a PR. So what am I going for?

After running 4 miles in 32 minutes today, I'm going to shoot for 35 minutes this weekend. Of course that sounds doable, but once I start factoring in rain, heavy clothing, a route I've never run, and 3,000 costumed and/or drunk people getting in my way, things will definitely change for the worse on Saturday morning.

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!

4mi splits (31m 54s): 7:57, 8:04, 7:56, 7:58
Air Temp: 64F

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