Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Time Is It?

Hammer time? No.

Peanut butter jelly time? Maybe.

Tank top time? YES!

After 7 days in the breezy/misty/foggy/off-and-on rainy San Francisco (more on my running escapades there later), it's good to be welcomed back to the homeland with a lovely 76 degrees of unusual perfection!
Ladies and gentlemen, it's singlet season here in Minneapolis! And everyone out there today knew it. Yikes! Sorry about your tribal tattoo.
Sorry you don't know to not swim quite yet, considering the lake just iced out this weekend.
Sorry about your sweaty blue diaper shorts and your towel tail.
Kayaking in March!? Why not!
After some lethargic runs out west (my times were reminiscent of running through snowbanks and on glare ice), I'm relieved to see that it must have been a fluke because today proved to be completely normal by my standards.

5mi splits (43m 38s): 8:33, 8:33, 8:51, 8:51, 8:48
Air Temp: 76F

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