Monday, March 7, 2011

The First Ever Punk Rock Racing Donut Run

Ever since I had the chance to run with Ron in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, we realized we had more than our love for running in common: We both had an obsession with desserts. Vegan, organic desserts from Pebbles Donuts, in particular.

Since that fateful donut-consuming morning, Ron and I have exchanged numerous photos of donuts, cupcakes, and other amazing-looking desserts. We've had plenty of text exchanges claiming we need to get together to eat sweets again. We've had high hopes... and extremely busy schedules.

Last weekend, all of our talk finally turned into action at the first-ever Punk Rock Racing Donut Run. We met up at the Ferry Building on Saturday morning, ran up and over the Golden Gate Bridge along the Embarcardero, and then headed back.
The goal was simple: Get together to run, and then eat donuts. And we got to do this in the presence of a lot of other awesome Punk Rock runners/bloggers: Page, Nick, Katie, Karin, Tara, Layla & Rick, Rad, and of course Punky. There were no set distances (we all did at least 14, but some did upwards of 24), set paces (some ran 7 minute-miles, and some of us stopped to walk for a while), or any standards (other than to have fun). With Saturday's gorgeous weather, it was impossible to not have fun!

Rad (who came all the way up from LA for this monumental event), Punky, & me
Nick & Punky (If I took this photo for you on your phone, Punky, can I use it, too?)
Punky & me trying to avoid ransacking the Farmer's Market until AFTER the run.
Rad, me, Tara, & Katie
Rad & me at Chrissy Field.
Rad & me after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. I was still scared.
Page, Nick, and Katie at the lookout point (Page, I totally stole your picture since I have none of you guys on your run!)
Sweet view from the Golden Gate Bridge.
Page & me back at the Ferry Building.
Rad, me, Page, & Pebbles Donuts, round #1
Punky, Tara, Nick, Katie, Karin, Layla, Rick, & Rad
I seriously cannot wait to do this again and I hope that we can do this much, much more than annually. Thanks for the fun run, everyone! :)

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  1. Seriously! It looks like you guys had so much fun, and those donut, ugh, yum! Officially jealous.

  2. This looks like a really good way to spend a morning. I would die for some vegan donuts, but there's not exactly a big market for them here in Alabama!

  3. Pepples donuts are the bomb! I always have to try to avoid going to the Sur La Table section of the ferry building so I won't take one of those bad boys home with me!

  4. Those donuts look awesome!! Sounds like a fun day!

  5. Mmmmmm - donuts on the run! Those little gems look fabulous!!!

  6. sounds, and looks, like a fun day!!!

  7. I’ve figured out that if I ask you to run with me the answer is “no” but if I add the word “donut” to the same question the answer is yes.

    This was quite possibly the most fun I’ve had running in a very long time. The course was amazing, the weather was perfect and you could not ask for better company. I can’t wait until the Run-for-the-Donuts Part Deux in April.

    All the best,


  8. This looks like such an amazing way to spend a Saturday! And vegan donuts!? You guys get all the best stuff over the pond ;-)

  9. This sounds like one of the best runs ever, beautiful surroundings, friends and donuts! Wow!

  10. Ok yes, this is my kind of race. In fact, I just entered the Cupcake Marathon...hoping to win me some. Have you seen this virtual run?

  11. I want to do it again and again! I totally agree with Punky a lot of fun for one lil run, in a long time :)

  12. It was SO great to finally meet you! I can't wait for our Jamba date soon (and another donut run)!

  13. It looks like it was so much fun; I'm so bummed I missed it. And it looks like I'm going to be out of town for the next one!

  14. AHHH looks like you guys had so much fun!! I am sad I didn't get to make it and it looks like I am gone for the next one too :( wahhh. Can we sign a petition to change the date ;)

  15. I want in next time! This looks awesome!

  16. Hi A,
    Well done! What fun and you all looked great in your PRR shirts!:-) I noticed your knee was are you feeling? I've got my fingers crossed that the wrap was just a precaution.
    Hope all is well.

  17. This is amazing! I read Page's recap the other day and it got me SO EXCITED for SF!!!!! :) Those donuts look amazing and I am most certainly adding them to the list of "must visit" :)