Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ZYM Giveaway Winners! (Totally Scientific, Of Course.)

The time came to pick a winner for my ZYM giveaway, and since my review of the product was less than enthusiastic, I figured I'd need to pick a winner in a way that would liven things up around here.

The only thing I heart more than running is my sleepy 13-year-old kitten, Chachi. I figured mellow little Chachi could get off his butt and play an integral role by way of picking the winners. How does the laziest cat in the world pick a winner without opposable thumbs, you ask?


First, I wrote all the contestants and their reason for receiving an entry (following my blog, re-posting my giveaway on their blog, following me on Twitter, re-twatting my giveaway, and/or telling a hydration-related story) on a Post-It Note.

Chachi carefully reviewed the entries without so much as moving a piece of fur.
Then, I folded each Post-It Note into an origami cup. Chachi became very excited at the sound of folding paper and was ready to get this show on the road.

Chachi actually sat up to review my origami.
In each of the origami cups, I placed a cat single treat. Chachi normally has a mixed-variety of cat treats to choose from, but I bought a brand new pack JUST for this contest so he wouldn't favor one treat/origami cup over another. Yes, kids. I really did this just for you -- full well knowing that he could not care less.

Brand new bag-o-single-flavor treats.
Each cup got a treat.
Chachi actually got up and moved to the floor! He was clearly excited to pick some winners.
Then, I let Chachi at 'em. Whichever cup he pawed, clawed, and tore ferociously at the most would be the winner. And since this contest allowed for two winners, I let him destroy two cups for two tasty treats. What a lucky, spoiled little man.

The competition. Dun dun duuuunnnn.
Chachi cautiously sniffs out ZYM winner #1.
Chachi delicately finds ZYM winner #2. (Come on, Chachi. We want to see some annihilation here.)
Chachi is satisfied with his choices, but his feelings are hurt that everyone couldn't win.
Chachi would normally send a BIG CONGRATS to the winners he's chosen, but he's too lazy to wake up from his 23-hour nap. So instead, I'D like to wish a congratulations on Chachi's behalf to Angry Runner at AngryRunner and Julie from Julie's Running Blog! Please send me an address to which I can send your ZYM samples (e-mail to diaryofanaveragerunner at gmail dot com is great)... and do your best to enjoy. :)

While some may view smelling so many goodies as a form of cruel and unusual punishment, I assure you no animals were harmed, abused, or tormented in this selection process. Chachi will eventually eat all those treats, but for the sake of his digestive system and me being the one who cleans up after him, I will not allow him to have them all in one sitting.


  1. Haha! This is, by far, the most entertaining & creative way to pick giveaway winners :)

  2. Chachi!!! So so cute!!!!! I love that last photo, especially. Hmm. I call Mario "King Lazy Bum" & I think we shall invite Chachi to be part of the Lazy Bum Kingdom :)

  3. hahaha! You are hilarious!
    Good job Chachi!

    Congrats to the winners :)

  4. Ha, very creative way to pick your winners. I love it!

  5. That was a classic piece of data selection!!! ;-)

  6. I can't believe how intrigued by this I was haha

    Go Chachi!

  7. I love it! Your cat is so adorable! I just love cats! Unfortunately, my dog loves them a little too much too so I can't get one.

  8. LOL This is great! You went to a lot more trouble than I would have had to. My cat likes to lay on paper. If there is a piece of paper laying around anywhere, she will find it and sprawl her fat ass out on it. (This makes wrapping Christmas presents TONS o' fun, let me tell ya!) I could have just scattered the postits around and let her pick a winner by laying on one.

  9. Wait! Didn't I see some dangling chads on those ballots?


    Alas, me now allergic to cats 8(

  10. Uh, this is the awesomest (sic) giveaway post I have ever read. Which isn't hard, to be fair, as they're usually pretty boring. But you really did raise the bar here!

    Congrats to AngryRunner and Julie. And Chachi for being pretty cool :)

  11. I think Chachi is the real winner here! I love this most! Cats + running = Awesome!

  12. Dear Chachi Poo, your mama REALLY freaking loves you. The end.
    love Rad.

  13. oh my gosh...TOO CUTE!!! i love how you picked the winner. what a cute kitty.

  14. This is AMAZING!!! hahahaha

  15. Geez…

    I look away for a few days and you’ve got 3 new blog posts and 3 of MY running friends.

    Looks like I’ll be stealing Rad now.


    Dr. Punky

  16. This is, probably the best way to pick a winner ever.

    I'm really glad to hear that you too actually put up a bad review of a product. I did one a while back and felt a bad when I was writing it - but honesty rules!

  17. This is hilarious! :) Love it!

  18. I wasn't even a registered contestant in the contest, and I was pumped to see who the winner was and how your cat chose them.

    Awesome, Alyssa!

  19. Awesome to hear about your trail race A - you will be a natural at it!!

  20. Ok
    A lot

    Freaking. Awesome.