Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Rest of Big Sur

I can hear you all pondering what else happened during the weekend of Big Sur.

Here you go.

I got the nicest piece of mail from my bestestest running friend, Rad, who was also running her third marathon on May 1. Running twins, basically.

After not eating candy the whole week of the race, it was only a matter of time before those two pieces of sugary goodness accidentally fell into my mouth.
A short road trip down to Monterey with RoadBunner, were we met up with the other ladies to devour pizza and pasta (and for Tara and me, a.k.a. "the smart ones"), beer.

Cheese-less Japanese eggplant pizza & Blue Moon apparently does the body good.
We crashed out way too early to catch some pimp buses down to the start line of the marathon.

Jessica, Aron, Kristen, & RoadBunner
Tara & PageMe & Susan (Susan, in town from NYC, finished 4th female at Big Sur! I was lucky enough to run with her again while she was vacationing in San Francisco after the marathon. Check out her post on our Golden Gate Bridge adventure here.)
We huddled outside in the cold, waiting for the race to start.Until we learned that people were waiting inside a warm & cozy Safeway.
So we set up shop & did the same.Last-minute carb loading, nyuk nyuk nyuk.
We all ran awesome races!
And then went out for celebratory beers at Cannery Row.
And had some celebratory pretzels with our celebratory beers.And had some celebratory veggie burgers with our celebratory beer & pretzels.
And then some psycho birds ate our leftovers......while we were trying to take this photo at Cannery Row.Even though we were all exhausted after the race & wanted to go to sleep...
... we were hooked on TV.
The next morning we were still hungry. We ate like queens at the Old Monterey Cafe.A scenic roadtrip home with RoadBunner & Susan.
We decided that massage chairs & pedicures would be nice after that marathon.AHH, sweet relief.

The end.

Next up: The 100th running of Bay to Breakers, where I'm still deciding if I want to run in a costume... :)


  1. Ok, EVERY one of those food pictures looked delicious and made me hungry! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend all the way around. The Monterey Peninsula is awesome, one of our favorite areas. Have a wonderful recovery week!

  2. Awesome. So jealous. It looks like a wonderful weekend!

    How huge are your calves right now from the Big Sur hills? Are they like bricks?

  3. Just to clarify, I was fourth in my age group and twentieth female overall, but thanks for the props nonetheless. :)

    Such a fun weekend!!!! I loved visiting all you ladies and getting to see you multiple times! The pedicures at the end of the trip were DEFINITELY awesome, although my blisters still look quite gross...

    Hope I get to see you again soon, but I'll be keeping up on the blog otherwise. :)

  4. 4th is 4th. You left with a plaque. Sheesh. :)

  5. I love you a little bit more for that beer.

    I also love it that you guys hung out in the wine section in Safeway!

    The final thing I love -- that you all have perfectly pedicured feed. Awesome.

  6. So many positives in this post…love it! All from running a great marathon. Running is just the best! Have a great week!

  7. Great pics!

    I'm jealous of all your awesome California races!

  8. How freaking fun was your race!!! Nice!!!

  9. Love the pictures! Looks like a fabulous race with yummy pre/post race food. :-)

  10. such a great weekend...glad you girls had fun!

    and we need to meet up at B2B! i'm bringing cupcakes to the Finish!

  11. I'm doing B2B too! If you see someone with a bow tie and top hat, that's me. (I will wear other clothes too, ha ha.)

    Looks like rain on Sunday. I'm wondering if I can get an umbrella that will suit my costume.

  12. A- I loves ya, how could I not my celebratory face!

  13. LOVE this post - best weekend everrrrrrrr!!!!

  14. Totally smiling A!!! God, I miss you:)

    It looks like you had a great group of running friends to share good times with! Excellent!

  15. Had SO MUCH FUN!!! And thanks for introducing me to the world of pedicures after marathons :)