Monday, May 23, 2011

Punk Rock Racing Donut Run (Part Deux!)

Not too long after our first Punk Rock Racing Donut Run, we immediately started salivating over a plan for a follow-up run, where hopefully even more people could make it.

Surprisingly, judgment day didn't happen and no one got taken away... so the Punk Rock Racing Donut Run Part Deux was on!

On Sunday morning we met at the Ferry Building and ran along the Embarcadero to Crissy Field, toward the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Everyone was able to pick their own pace and their own distance, with the ultimate goal of meeting back at the Ferry Building for early-morning desserts and great company.

(Many thanks to my friends who let me steal their pictures, because, again, not only am I too lazy to carry a camera, I'm now officially too lazy to pull out my camera phone.)

Crissy Field
Fort Mason and the Golden Gate Bridge
I kept up with the triathlon boys!!! (For a little while, anyway.) Aron's husband Chris, Ron, & lil old me.What a beaut.
I ended up running 14 miles with the intention of trying to hold a 8:45 min/mile pace. I sort of forgot about the fact that last half of the run is mainly downhill, which led to a killer negative split! I finished the first 7 miles in 1:02, and once I saw that I could make it back to the Ferry Building in under 2 hours, I picked up the last mile, finishing the last 7 in 57 minutes. I'm happy with how my run went, and we could not have had a more beautiful morning.

14 miles (1:59:20, 8:31 average pace): 8:42, 8:20, 8:35, 8:33, 8:52, 9:07, 8:30, 8:34, 8:09, 8:11, 8:26, 8:39, 8:25, 8:01

Me, Aron, Karin, Naomi, Ron, Layla, Sandra, Steve, Alisyn, and Amy back at the Ferry Building.

My original California running buddy, Ron, set an unofficial half marathon PR at the Donut Run! As if this guy hasn't accomplished enough in his lifetime -- let alone this year already -- expect to see even more great things coming from him! :)
Me, Ron, & Layla in what could be the best picture ever.
Alisyn & me reunited.
FINALLY got to meet the amazing Naomi in person!!
Naomi brought the cutest chocolate & red velvet cupcakes ever. (From Sibby's Cupcakery)
The stars that began it all: Pebbles Donuts! Vegan, organic, local, and totally delicious. :D
I can't wait for more and more Punk Rock Racing Donut Runs! Thanks again, Ron, for organizing the mass choas once again. :)

While we are on the topic of sugary treats, don't forget to enter my GU Giveaway! Contest ends this Thursday!


    I hope I can make it to another soon! AND I totally feel like I am hideing somewhere in that epic picture! I LOVE IT, wide mouth and leaning bodies and all!!! Great job speddyMCspeederson!

  2. So I got sidetracked by the yummy cupcakes and didn't get to snag a donut. Obviously, there must therefore be a Donut Run Part III :)

  3. I would totally run for cupcakes. And donuts. Congrats!

  4. Seems like a fun run. And those cupcakes look sinful. No wonder you ran so fast.

  5. Hi A! Wow! That is one freaking fast 14 miler Lady! Looks like a fun running group too:) Great pictures of where you get to run and even better pictures of the yummy treats!

    Wishing I was there with you running! Take care! Love and hugs!

  6. OK, so forget the GU and go straight to donut giveaway - those look spectacular! Pack along a couple of those to fuel your long runs - that has to be like jet fuel :)) Have a great week.

  7. So sad I missed it but I'm glad you guys had a good time!

  8. I am going to San Francisco this week!!! I am going to have to try those Vegan doughnuts!!!!!

  9. Ahhh, I love running for food! I would definitely show up for that run, and how exciting to have so many people out there running! Nice pace earned those donuts. :)

  10. I never would have run a 13.1 mile PR without you. You pushed me and it took everything I had to catch up to you on the way back. I know I’ve said this before but you have become a very strong runner and continue to get faster. I know you’ll see a BQ in the near future.

    Thanks so much for coming out and making this a fun morning.

    All the best,


  11. Wow... I haven't seen a vegan donut anywhere before, ever. That means I haven't had a donut in over 6 years! Agh! So jealous! :)

    This run looks like it was so much fun. And if you keep running splits like that you're going to need to get rid of the "Average" in your name.... :P

  12. It was so so so great to see you again!!! Next time I need to run with you though, if I could keep up ;) GREAT job out there and can't wait for the next one!

  13. Awww, again, I'm jealous of how fun this looks! :)

  14. so glad we finally met! we need more of these functions!