Sunday, November 27, 2011

Race Recap: Run Wild for a Child 10k (2011)

When thinking about Thanksgiving races this year, I knew of two good options in San Francisco proper: The Turkey Trail Trot 5-Miler and the Run Wild for a Child. Last year I ran both. This year, with the constant reminder of how I should be saving my pennies for the out-of-state races I have in the coming months, I decided to register for just one.

On Thanksgiving morning, RoadBunner and I went on our own unofficial 10k turkey trot. We met bright and early, threw on our rain gear, and headed out into the mist for a fun and friendly jaunt. We even stopped by the Turkey Trail Trot 5-Miler to steal a pic with the mascot and cheer for our friend @Renee who was running the race.

A Turkey Trot of our own
I just love hanging out with RoadBunner and I'm so glad we got to run together on Thanksgiving morning -- it's something I hope to make a tradition! :)

For my official Turkey trot, I put my money toward the San Francisco Fire Fighter's Toy Drive and ran the Run Wild for a Child 10k again. I ran it last year, PR'd, and haven't run a 10k since. They suck too much.

With CIM on the horizon (holy crap, that's next weekend), I knew in my heart of hearts that all-out racing a 10k would not be a smart choice this weekend. Many a friend also confirmed. But with some solid improvements in my running lately, I figured I might have a new PR in me without needing to push it too hard.

While running my 2-mile warm-up to the race, I debated about using this 10k to hit some goal MP miles. I ran into Naomi and RoadBunner's Boyfriend before the race, and even declared to them that that was going to be my strategy.

Naomi & me at the start. I'm not normally this pale.

It wasn't as cold this year as it was last year,
where we were all wearing sweatshirts and hats.

Once the starting gun went off and I crossed the timing mat, I decided that I wanted the PR. My PR pace from last year's race was 7:44 -- so I thought I'd try to hold 7:45s and pick it up at the end for a teeny tiny PR.

Mile 1: 7:10. Oops.

Mile 2: 7:12. Oops again.

By mile 3, where I saw RoadBunner, Naomi, a coworker & her husband running -- as well as Courtney out cheering -- I knew I wasn't holding back enough. I was caught up in the atmosphere and enjoying myself while screaming for my friends. Mile 3: 7:07.

The last half of the race is a series of hills in Golden Gate Park: Mile 4: 7:28, Mile 5: 7:26, Mile 6: 7:25.

The race ends on a nice little downhill: .2 at 6:59 pace (one of the very rare times I've seen a sub-7 pace on my Garmin!).

Done and done.

The best part about this race is that I never really felt tired. I got a bit of a side stitch around Mile 4, but I think it's because I decided to charge up a hill while drinking a swig of water. I never got close to redlining, I never had the urge to puke (or even gag, unlike last year when that was all I wanted to do), and at the end I didn't feel spent at all. Naturally, my thoughts start veering toward the "Could I have pulled a sub-45 minute 10k if I pushed a little harder?" but I'll need to save that debate and effort for another day.

For now, I've got a 3:29 PR under my belt, I ran perfect tangents for the first time ever, I somehow managed a 5k PR during today's 10k, and I'm happy how the day played out.

Happy Friendsgiving. <3
Next up: CIM!

6.2-mile splits: 7:10, 7:12, 7:07, 7:28, 7:26, 7:25, 6:59 pace

Official Time: 6.2 miles, 45:13 -- a 3:29 PR! (8.2 mph)
Average Pace: 7:17 min/mile
Overall place 77 out of 673
Gender Place: 10 out of 358
Age/Gender Place: 4 out of 40
Air Temp: 52F


  1. They're gonna need to put a siren and flashing lights on you as you screeeeeeeeeeem your way from Folsom to the Capitol Building :) I hope you're planning on wearing red!

    Way to do it!

  2. That is SO awesome! You are seriously amazing. I will be thinking of you all week as you prepare for CIM. So exciting!! xxoo

  3. What a great warm-up to CIM! I hope it gave you a good shot of confidence, at it should have!

  4. holy smokin fast, lady! congrats on a PR inside a PR!

  5. nice race - you are fast! Congrats on the PR!

  6. hooray! i am so proud i can call you my friend, you kick ASS! (but i would still like you if you were slow.)

  7. Awesome job on the race - congrats on the PR! If you had ran it all out I can't imagine how fast you would have gone! Good luck at CIM!

  8. I had so much fun with you 2 on Sunday! We must make this our tradition! And you know this race was just PR practice for Sunday, right? :D

  9. Yay!! Congratulations!! It's great that you ran such a huge PR without ever feeling like you pushed too hard. I think this means your legs are ready to move - and great things are going to happy during CIM. :) Good luck this weekend!!

  10. Hi--I just found your blog through Sunsan @ Nurse on the Run. I'm running CIM this weekend too (my first marathon!) and I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK! Looks like we'll have perfect weather, too! :)

  11. Nice job on your 10K and good like at CIM!!!

  12. YAY! for Thanksgiving shenanigans :) <3 You are on fire :)

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