Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SFM Discount Code

I'm already going to do my first shameless San Francisco Marathon plug, and I am totally not sorry!
Since you're all training for your Turkey Trots next week, why not keep the training up, push yourself a little further ... and sign up for the San Francisco Marathon on July 29, 2012!? Sure, it's a hard & hilly marathon -- but it's also extremely scenic, professionally organized, and completely awesome. Have you SEEN those massive medals they give you for running? It's worth the hurt for that alone!

I've got a $10 off code just for you to use on your registration. It's good for the 1st Half, 2nd Half, and Full Marathon! COME ON! You've got options and no reason for excuses.

Just enter "ALYSSAFF10" in the discount code field at check out, and you'll quickly see 10 big ones taken off your total. (You know you can use those $10 around the holidays. Yes, you can.)

Act fast though; this code expires the day after Turkey Day, 11/26/11.

Right after you register, why not go vote on the shirt you'd like to wear for running one of the races next year? That's right -- you can help design the SFM 2012 shirt!


  1. I am so excited to finally get to do this race this year!!

    Congrats again on being an ambassador - so cool! It was fun seeing you the other night.

  2. Just when I thought I had put the last nail in the SFM coffin you go and do this :P

  3. You ARE FUNNY friend, but so gosh dang cute.

  4. Thanks for the coupon code...awesome!

  5. Agonising...first half marathon or second half marathon?? The first has all the views (and the national anthem) but the second gets a lie-in and less hills....

  6. You are seriously making me want to sign up for this!

  7. I love your goals. And honestly...I don't think they are so crazy at all! A 3:44 at SF is probably equiv to much faster on other courses.

    Can't wait to track (stalk) you in your race. YOU ARE SPEEDY !!!!! BELIIEEEVVEEE. haha.

  8. The SF marathon this year is soo expensive (even with coupon codes). These races have just become a profit machine, and the more we are willing to pay, the higher the prices will go