Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just for you, XLMIC.

Once again, time has completely slipped away from me, and there are a few things I should probably brush up on.

Next Wednesday, I'm heading up to the gorgeous Pacific Northwest to run the Boston Marathon of Relays, Hood to Coast. If it's not overly apparently by now, I'm running with a really kick-ass group of women. I feel like our team has been promoted endlessly on Twitter, Facebook, Nuun's blog, the blog world, gossip magazines, the national news (okay, no.), pretty much everywhere, so I assume everyone knows about this. But perhaps you don't.

Well, I'm running Hood to Coast with a bunch of blogging celebs, all under the name of Nuun. And here are the profiles of the three legs I'll be running next week.

Leg 2: 5.67 miles with a difficulty rating of Hard.

The HTC time predictor tells me I'll be running my first left at a 7:04 min/mile pace, which is HILARIOUS, because even though it's downhill, I'll never run that fast and expect to make it through the remaining legs. Not even downhill. And certainly not for 5.67 miles.

Leg 14: 6.08 miles with a difficulty rating of Moderate.

My second leg will be conveniently run at night. Conveniently? Yes. So when I piss my pants because I think I'm being chased by a wild animal, the people in my van won't see it, but instead they'll smell it & I can claim it was a sleeping team member. The HTC time predictor has guestimated I'll be running this leg at an 8:20 min/mile pace which is definitely doable, especially if I'm being chased by bears. Maybe this leg will help me make up for all the time I know I won't hit on my first leg.

Leg 26: 5.77 miles with a difficulty rating of Hard.

My third leg will be run the following morning -- so, yes, three runs in about 20 hours for this marathon burn-out -- and they have me predicted to run a 8:27 min/mile pace. Again, completely possible, but I think they forgot to factor in the whole "OH YEAH, I PROBABLY WILL BE EXHAUSTED BECAUSE I DIDN'T SLEEP" thing.

Up until recently, running up hills in preparation for the San Francisco Marathon was the focus of my training and my time. Now that it's over and I'm still not recovered and feel completely fatigued (and I realized I haven't practiced any massive downhills), I've had a hard time getting pumped about Hood to Coast. Well, wait. That came out wrong.

I know this is an amazing opportunity and I canNOT wait to do it, but my legs and my lungs have not been in my workouts lately. I've been a bit worried about being "the one" that brings the team down.


Earlier this week, Capt. Underpants (aka Margot) of my van let me know she was going to be in San Francisco for a work conference. I immediately demanded we get together for some non-running adventures, and we invited the one and only Commando (aka XLMIC) to dine (and drive us around), too.

Of course I brought them to Genki. Come on, would I take anyone anywhere else?

Let's just say I'm 100% certifiably excited for Hood to Coast after putting personalities to the names of some teammates! These two ladies were so infectiously hilarious, totally charming and inspiring, and I just know we are going to have grand adventures ahead. XLMIC really drove some awesome points home for me: This isn't about speed, this isn't about pace, this isn't about us winning a division medal. (Damn it.)

This is about having fun.

This is about promoting Nuun.

This is about being on the team that everyone wants to be a part of (or do they...?).

I'm just going to have to kill XLMIC when she takes videos of me being a super cranky pants because I arrive back at the van half-eaten by a moose.

(Just remember, XLMIC, you're running the very last leg & I will have breadcrumbs.)


  1. I am so excited for you! I grew up in Portland so I always heard about Hood to Coast (and my dad did it when I was little). It is going to be SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Ugh that weekend is going to rule the nuun pants! Your going to have so much fun with 2 hard's and one moderate you hard core bad ass you! I love it!
    Holy smokey dogs, go already I want pictures!!!

  3. Soooo freaking awesome.
    You've. Soooo. Got. This.

    Have a blast. What an awesome experience!!

  4. Absolutely about having fun... because it is I who will be 'the one' ;-) Y'all can get your pointing fingers ready! But I will also be 'the one' who helps everyone get the most out of the insanity that will be HOOD TO COAST! I wasn't picked for my speed :P Maybe I should bring that nun dress to the race? hmmmmm....

    I LOVED meeting the two of you! LOVED it.

  5. You guys will have a great time. glad you got to meet up with a few teammates ahead of time. And with XLMIC, how can you go wrong?

  6. Just make sure the half of you that's eaten does not include your speedy legs or your hilarious brain. Can't wait to hear all about this crazy adventure!! (And to hear how fast Little Miss Sandbagger actually runs...)

  7. I agree x 10!! This IS about having fun! Can't wait to meet you A!

  8. Alyssa, I can't wait to read all about your adventure! Okay, you've totally converted me, I love Nuun Tri-berry, AWESOME stuff!!! You girls will make NUUN proud. :-)

  9. You are going to have a fabulous time!! I can't wait to hear all about it. P.S. I totally have been craving Genki lately!!

  10. woo hoo! Love the post. And I linked you correctly now :)

  11. Do they have Moose in Oregon? CRAPPPPP! Now I"m going to be worried about moose. Sonuva.

    You are right and that's what I'm excited for: this is going to be about having FUN!

  12. Sooo excited for u and only majorly jealous haha! Wow good for u for doing this post marathon. Give urself ur needed rest you will be fine. If nothing else the pure hig of the race will keep you going. Have a blast!

  13. Hey A - What's your Seattle schedule like Wed-Thrs before you head down to OR? I work during the day those 2 days but if you're downtown, would be great to meet for lunch/coffee/ice cream/etc (dairy free ice cream of course, right by my office - they use coconut milk, yum. don't think they have banana flavor but not sure - they change it up pretty often).

  14. So excited for this!!

    And don't worry, I'm way behind too.