Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Part 1 of ???: Hood to Coast Relay Recap -- An Intro

I'm back in San Francisco with a 1,000,001 thoughts spinning in my head on what exactly happened in Oregon.

Even if I had the rest of my life to dissect, analyze, and write about everything that happened this weekend physically, mentally, and emotionally, I don't think that would be enough time. So for now, while I gather my thoughts and opinions and try to construct ways to put my experience into a blog post (or posts), I'll leave you with this:

The 200-mile Hood to Coast Relay race had everything from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. While the mass majority of the race was good, there were frustrations and missed opportunities that left me feeling a bit like the race didn't match the potential that maybe I had expected from it.

But moving onto a very brief note that needs to be the emphasis for now: The staff at Nuun went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed, accommodated, fed, fueled, hydrated, and taken care of physically. They were a positive group of fun individuals, and they sacrificed a lot -- both in their work and in their personal lives -- to afford us this amazing opportunity. Not only are they great people, they make up a great company.

Thank you, Nuun, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me and 19 other bloggers the chance to run the relay of a lifetime. I am so grateful for the chance to be a part of Hood to Coast's 30th anniversary, I feel blessed to have met the ladies I did and to have walked away with new friendships, and I'm honored that I was selected to represent Nuun at this race.

Thank you, thank you. And then thank you again.

Me at the start of our teams' relay, halfway up Mount Hood.

A small part of something so epic.

Finishing at the largest beach party in the world, 200 miles later.


  1. Glad you enjoyed HTC, it quite an adventure and each time you run it is like a new one.It's my 21 year and each year has it's own story. Me I love living here in the Pacific North West.

  2. I thought about you all weekend and can't wait to chat and hear all the details of such a unique experience!

  3. YOU are MY FAVE.
    I want to know more.
    now now now now now now now ramen now now now now now now

  4. Nice shirt! Do you have any idea how much I appreciate that video you took? You can't possibly. Do you have any idea how much I LOVE the screaming in the background in the video? You can't possibly. You might have some idea of how delighted I am to have been thrust together with YOU and the others in this awesomely insane thing we just did :) You are my favorite Cupcake. Looking forward to many more runs and races together :)

  5. I love reading all about the HTC experience you ladies had! sooo amazing!
    I'm really excited to have found your blog. It is so inspiring! I can't wait to dig back deeper into your archives and catch up on your running journey. In so many ways, I can relate to you. I eat mostly a vegan diet (occasionally have dairy and fish in summer) and am working to improve my running so so much. i am currently training for a huge pr in the marathon (current is 4:35:09, going for 3:45) and just love reading about how you have improved your running and racing times. so exciting! this weekend i'm racing a half marathon (my first since having my third baby 7 months ago) and am so excited about setting a new personal record.
    anyway i am SO excited to be reading about your journey and so very very inspired by you. seeing that you have achieved what i am setting out to do just gives me goosebumps and helps me know that i am capable of this!! can't wait to read more ;o)

  6. This race looks amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it! I have always wanted to run this relay.

  7. I heart you Alyssa!!! SO SO SO thankful we got to spend some time together though I wish it was more!!!


  8. Ohh, you are such a tease! I can't wait to read more. So exciting that you got to be a part of this wonderful opportunity!!

  9. That pic in front of the mountain is awesome!

    Will be interesting to read about Hood to Coast recaps from different perspectives - I follow like 5 people among people who ran it, curious to see what everyone says!

  10. I cant even begin to describe how BLESSED I am to have met you. You're amazing, looking forward to a nuun platuun reunion :)

  11. Love the pictures! I'm happy to have gotten updates from FB but MUST.KNOW.MORE.

  12. Yes to all!!! I still can't get over how amazing this experience was - in every possible way. And I'm so happy I got to spend time with you before/after the relay. You're my favorite average runner!! ;)