Monday, August 8, 2011

The Rest of SFM

So what else happened the weekend of the San Francisco Marathon? Allow me to share.

My best running friend, Rad, came into town.

We high-fived at the SFM expo.

We met up with Katie to run some pre-marathon miles at the Lululemon shake-out run.

I had a random bathroom encounter with Sesa, who happened to win my GU giveaway a few months ago. Random, but totally cool! Thanks for introducing yourself, Sesa! SO NICE to meet you in person! :)

I met my fellow Nuun/Hood to Coast teammate, Tonia! Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks, Tonia. I hope our van driver at HTC is as crazy as Katie. ;)

We all glowed with amazingness at the Lululemon shake-out run.
Back: Kristin, Courtney, Erica, Tonia, Jessica, & Page

Front: Kerry, me, Katie, & Aron

Rad gave me the coolest item to grace the planet. I wish these came in a tech material so I could wear them while running, but my mind might explode if that happened.

Rad & I ate too much pizza, watched silly British comedies, and then became pumpkins at 9pm.

I ran my 4th marathon.

(I had a random encounter with Kim in the port-o-potty line the start of SFM, but it was too early of me to think about taking a picture. Damn it. Thanks, Kim, for saying something to me -- I hope you had a great time in SF!
Note to self: It's really cool meeting people in bathrooms. Spend more time there.)

Rad & I snarfed post-race vegan donuts from Pebbles.

I drank beer with 20+ other fellow running bloggers after the race. I felt totally loved and realized I really do have the coolest friends on the planet.

Proof? Layla & I accidentally dressed like twins.

Rad & I also dressed like twins, but that was a little more intentional.

We got pedicures & it was heaven.

My roommate & her girlfriend left me the best gift ever once I finally made it back to my house. This picture is missing the three other donuts that were on the plate. (I ate 5 vegan donuts in about 48 hours.)

The end.


  1. Great race, great friends & great fun...what could be better!:-)

  2. Nothing 'average' about that... sounds pretty freaking spectacular :)

  3. First things first: Gimme your aviators.

    Can't believe I missed the vegan donut place in the ferry building. I'm a vegetarian, and I would have scarfed those donuts down like it was my job!

    Awesome pics. I'm going to steal the one of you and me for an upcoming post, if you don't mind. :)

  4. There is nothing wrong with eating that many vegan donuts. I'd do the same.

    And hell yeah our driver better be as awesome as Katie. I really hope he leaves his glasses at home ...

  5. So cute! Looks like this was one hell of a marathon weekend for you!!

  6. So much fun packed into a quick few days! Loving the pizza (vegan, I assume) and the donuts. What do vegan donuts taste like??? I don't think I have ever come across vegan donuts but they sure do look YUM!

  7. What a great weekend!!! Congrats again on SFM :D

    I LOVE YOU BRF!!!!!!! PS. Nike Womes (1/2) Marathon WE will do it over, ALL OVER AGAIN, plus your bday week (it will be so epic you might pass out!!!)

  9. Wow, so nice that you could meet with all the other cool bloggers. Tonia is taking the flag to Alanna at Hood to Coast. Maybe you can grab it after Alanna if you want. Don't know if she has anyone in mind yet. I'm also curios about the vegan donuts.

  10. Great pics, great post and great race!

    Mike @justalittlerun

  11. I adore Sesa! (but have never met her in person). I'm all jealous of you and your runner/blogger friends. I need to really pounce more on the opportunities to have running friends in the bay area...

  12. I just saw this. But still felt compelled to write a comment because it made me happy. Yay for vegan donuts! :)

  13. Looks like the perfect weekend!! Glad you had such a wonderful time.