Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Final Farewell

I would like to wish 2009 a final farewell as I'm almost certain I might not live through the 5k tomorrow. It will be a shame to only see 2010 for a few hours. Check out these temperatures for tomorrow morning:

My friend will be picking me up at 9:00a.m. (will feel like -19F, awesome). Packet pickup is from 9:45-11:00a.m. (will feel like -15F). We will start running at 11:00a.m. (will feel like -11F). Holy balls. It that's not stupid and masochistic, I really don't know what is. I knew it would be cold when I signed up for this race -- but none of us fathomed it would be this cold.

I actually haven't done a lot of thinking and reflecting back on 2009 because I think it's a tad strange and I've been kind of busy these past few days. I had a good running year -- I did 13 races in 9 months, cut a total of 35 minutes off my half marathon time and set new PRs for every other distance, had my 1-year anniversary of not smoking, and had no major injuries. I'd say it was a pretty good year.

As I think ahead to 2010, I have some goals in mind. I don't really feel like sharing all of them either, because I'll feel let down if I fail and everyone knows it. I also tend to make up a lot of things as I go (how many times did I tell someone on a Friday, "I want to find a 5k this weekend and just run really fast..." and then I ended up at the pre-race registration tent on a Saturday morning?!). But all I can say is that 2010 is going to be switched up.
  • I will share that I'm running my first full marathon. 26.2 miles is a long way to go, but I think I'm ready to do it. Actually, I better become ready because I am already registered!
  • I will also share that I have one event that involves a little more than a road race.
Here's to 2010 being as action-packed and successful as 2009. Happy New Year!

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