Saturday, December 26, 2009

Slip 'N Slide

"Wave 3" is coming down as I speak, and, I have to say, I'm not entirely impressed with this Storm of the Decade ... although it does have some admirable qualities.

First of all, it snowed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That's a long time to not get much of a break. Then it decided to rain on Friday. Now, all the rain is frozen, Minneapolis looks like a giant icebox, and it's back to snowing.

After crossing the parking lot to get to the gym yesterday, I knew that the sidewalks were going to be a disaster today. I was going to do my weekend long run on the treadmill, but seriously? The thought of running like a hamster for an hour or longer was preventing me from getting out of bed. So, plastic bags on feet, I headed out for a slow, grueling, slippery run.

I knew it was going to be a long run when I had to stop to walk ... during the first mile. Some of the sidewalks weren't plowed at all, and, again, I was wishing I had snowshoes. At least I had plastic bags?

I also stopped for a second during Mile 4 to share this classic shot: The Minneapolis skyline with a snowed-over Lake Calhoun in the forefront. This city is so beautiful, especially in the winter.

For as much as I was struggling to keep my footing, I only turned both ankles once (but didn't fall -- a first!), nearly slipped completely sideways as both of my feet slid down into an icy groove, and still managed to fit in a 7.14mi run in a hair over an hour. Overall, much more entertaining then being on a treadmill, but probably not as efficient. ... Or safe. :)

Splits: 8:55, 8:45, 8:25, 8:27, 8:45, 8:46, 8:43, 1:11
Windchill: 19F (Actual: 20F, snow)

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