Friday, December 25, 2009

Wave 2?

Like a little kid on Christmas morning, I woke up excited to see what 12 to 18 more inches of snow would look like. Instead, I woke up thinking, "That's it?"

Because it's been hovering around freezing these past few days, at some point(s) last night it got above 34F and the snow turned into rain. All of the fluffy white snow that was accumulating on my deck melted off. A lot of the snow in my backyard now looks compact and slushy (great for making snowmen, though, which I may or may not do later this afternoon!).

Because it's so mild (it got close to 40 degrees today -- is it winter or what?!), I thought today would be a good day to go for a run outside. However, because the temperature is flirting with freezing, the rain sometimes turns into hail, which turns into sleet, which turns back into snow, and eventually back into rain. I'd like to think I'm hardcore, but I'm not that hardcore. I am not much in the mood to turn into a dripping wet mess, only to turn into an icicle halfway through my run. No thank you.

Instead, I hit up the fitness center, and boy, am I glad I did that. Just walking through the parking lot to the fitness center was like stepping through a giant White Cherry Slurpee. I tiptoed through the sludge since I didn't have bags on my feet. The slush was about an inch deep in places and my shoes are mesh. You do the math.

This will all turn into ice the second it goes below freezing. Yuck.

Merry Christmas to these guys! They should have a fun time digging their car out when they get back.

It looks like I'm talking on the phone, but really I'm just taking a picture of myself in the mirror. Here's what I did for Christmas -- what did you do?

My gift of December 25th: A 25-mile bike ride with the book I'm currently lost in, Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. I did 6 more miles than this screen shows, because at mile 6, I realized I forgot my water bottle on my kitchen counter and wanted to get it. So, yes, I got to tiptoe across the sludgy parking lot a total of four times, and thus re-started my workout.
Happy holidays!

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