Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Record

Today I set a new record: I think I ran my slowest run to date. It eclipses my very first race, running (erm, gimping) with bad knees, and the time I tripped and fell and skidded up my knee and needed to turn around and go home.

My 2.56mi splits: 9:15, 9:38, 5:18

Okay, okay. So I think I averaged something like a 12:00 pace during my first race, but it really felt like my 9:25 average today wasn't that far off.

Not only was my route suuuuper slippery today (my neighbor saw me running but wouldn't honk to wave in fear I would lose concentration and fall), there was a spot where I literally ran in place for 3 or 4 steps because I couldn't get any traction! I wish I could have seen myself do that. I would have cracked up and shook my head at myself.

And despite it being the iciest, slipperiest route ever, it was about 7 degrees with a windchill right around 0. Yes, my friends, when I got back home, my balaclava had ICED OVER.

Two more days until my frozen 5k! I may go for a short run tomorrow on the treadmill, otherwise, I plan on not doing any activity that will potentially break my ankle. I've taken enough risks in preparation for this ridiculous 5k. :)

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