Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is It Wrong That a "Day Off" Means Going Back to Work?

Now this is just getting discouraging.

I went for a quick run before heading to my aunt and uncle's house for a late (but my first) Christmas gathering this year. It was a disaster ... both the jog and the time with the relatives.

We got a light dusting of snow last night -- I like to think of it is as the Great Blizzard's final bow -- and it provided a decent barrier on top of the jagged ice. I thought this meant better traction, easier footing, and an overall distraction from looking at something that people shouldn't attempt to run on. I also noticed that a lot of my short route was plowed, so no mile-long obstacle course for me but instead maybe 6 blocks.

My splits (2.61mi): 8:28, 9:09, 5:18
Air temp: 18F, light snow

A 9:09?! Mile 2 covered the unplowed part of my route, but I walked part of my run yesterday and went faster than that. And I felt like I was moving faster than that today, too.

Perhaps a day off is in order. Maybe being holed up with myself for the past 5 days is making me far too critical. :) Back to work I go.

Weekly total: Ran 22.56 miles, biked 26.11 miles, & a lame 30 minutes of upper body/core work

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