Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Reality

Now that I got what felt like three Christmases, a New Years, and all other holiday activities out of the way, I truly felt like today was my first day back at work ... and back to working out.

I left work later than usual this afternoon, and was excited to see I had a FedEx package to pick up when I got my mail. I bundled up in my workout gear, headed across the parking lot to the office, and was surprised that I forgot I had ordered some Brooks apparel!

Now, I own plenty of Brooks apparel, but to me, too much Brooks is never enough. I've never ordered anything from their site, and sadly I ordered this just days before I learned I was accepted into the I.D. program and was eligible for the discount. I dropped the package off at my apartment and headed out for a jog, even though it was getting late and was already pretty dark. (Note to self: use discount to order NightLife gear!)

The cool thing about running later tonight is that I saw a beautiful sunset. I wish I had my camera to document it; it was bright pink and orange and magnificent; it ate up the entire west sky. It was a nice distraction from how tired I was after taking so many days off!

My 3.04mi splits: 8:37, 8:28, 8:47, :26
Air temp: 21F

So what did I order from Brooks, you're asking?

I got a pair of sweet Podium Boy Shorts for my marathon this summer! I've been inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, ChicRunner, and the "booty" shorts she wears at her races. :) It's still way too cold to wear these now -- and I doubt I'd even wear these to the gym -- but they are so cute and comfortable!

I also got a 3-pack of Runners Quarter socks. Most of my socks are ankle socks, and it's been a little tricky running in winter because I always end up with exposed skin or an easy place for snow to sneak in. These go up a little higher on my ankle past where my shoe ends, so this should appease some of my cold-weather ankle problems.
And lastly, I ordered the Sherpa Molded Case. I always end up pinning Sports Beans and Luna Moons to my waistband, and the safety pins can get a little clumsy during races. I also have had some nasty chaffing issues for wearing plastic against my skin (imagine the corners of the packaging repeatedly jabbing into your thighs. Not a pretty site). The case is large enough to hold my keys, a small phone (definitely not my huge and awkward Android phone, though), and a few packs of Sports Beans. I also chew gum when I run, and it could hold a few different sticks for variety!


  1. The Brooks shorts are so cute! I think I'm gonna grab a pair! Thanks : )

  2. The shorts are cute AND comfy! I never thought booty shorts would look good -- especially for on a moving body -- but they really are great. :) I hope you enjoy your pair!