Sunday, January 17, 2010

Booty Shorts, Squats, and Snot Rockets

I am definitely not a football fan, and I certainly wouldn't even consider myself a fairweather fan. I am left out of any and all conversations about football at work, but I was able to pick up on the fact that the Minnesota Vikings were having an "important" game this weekend.

Not sure what the game is called ... it's the game before the game before the Super Bowl. So if they win this game AND the next game, they are going to the Super Bowl. I think?

I headed over to the gym to see how the game ended. I know I will have absolutely nothing to contribute to any sports conversations that are sure to happen tomorrow, but at least I can say that I knew the Vikings won. And not only did they win, they dominated the Cowboys in a pretty classless manner. 34-3? Really?

Anyway, I decided to try out my brand-new booty shorts. I figured the gym would be empty because of the game, so there would be very few people to laugh at my spandex. I was right -- I was the only one there. And, I'm not sure anyone would have laughed at my shorts ... I might even say they looked somewhat decent, for as decent as spandex can look. :)
However, I definitely will need to step up my current piddly squat routine to ensure they remain looking ... not so intrusive ... to my fellow gymgoers. These things are SHORT and my thighs aren't exactly small. And if not for cosmetic reasons, I'm sure the lower-body weight routine will help my running and endurance tremendously. I just haaaaaate weights. I absolutely want to get better at it.

I biked for roughly 19 minutes before realizing that I left the setting on Level 1 (instead of my usual Level 9), and therefore barely got a workout. I cranked it up during the final 13 minutes and peddled until my legs couldn't keep up with the crank, but didn't mind too terribly that it wasn't the best 5-star workout.

Proof I made it to the end of the game! I happened to see what looked like Brett Favre and Tony Romo making out.
OH! And the biggest news I forgot to share about my 10-mile run yesterday: I finally and successfully learned how to blow snot rockets! No more snot running down my face, snot being wiped on my sleeve, snot being frozen into Kleenexes in my pockets, snot ending up on my gloves because I accidentally blew it on my hand instead of the ground, etc. I am very proud of my new discovery! Next, I need to learn how to blow them straight down instead of to the side, as I'm too afraid of blowing my nose on someone during a race. Any advice?

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