Monday, January 18, 2010

RIP Sherpa Molded Case (or "Sherpa Molded Case Product Review")

Well, that was a flop. As much as I would love to blame Brooks for sending me a faulty product, I take full responsibility for messing this one up.

I brought my Sherpa Molded Case out for run No. 2 this afternoon, and wasn't expecting that this would be its last run. I wanted to take it out for a few runs and do a full product review once I had more time to bond with the product, so I am saddened to have to review this product far too prematurely. Apparently I put too much stuff in it. Or, maybe I tried shoving my awkwardly large Google Android phone into a space that was roughly equal in size, along with lip gloss and a pack of Sport Beans.

During my run this weekend, the molded case was a dream. It didn't bounce around on my waistband too much (or at least it was very easy to get used to), it held my lip gloss and keys, and I was able to pull my phone out a few times to take pictures and a video and put it back in effortlessly. The zipper is conveniently located on the top side of the pouch, so it was simple to open and close without even having to shift my eyes from the trail.

Today, however, was another story. I pulled my phone out at the end of my run because I was waiting for an important e-mail. As I was putting the phone back in, the zipper ripped open around the phone because of the tension, and before I knew it, the entire zipper fell off the track and I cannot for the life of me put it back on.

One of my best friends and biggest running supporters is a Mr. Fix-It and he's convinced he can put it back together. I say he's an over-confident guy as once I zipper is broken, a zipper is broken. I won't let that stop him from trying, though!

I will still have to say the $5 investment was worth it -- unless you have an Android phone and shove the case a little beyond its limits. If Mr. Fix-It can't fix it, I'll definitely be buying a new one.

(Note to self: Keep receipts for more than a day.)

3.77mi splits: 8:47, 8:59, 8:36, 6:56
Air Temp: 34F

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