Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Brooks ID Elite Uniform (or "You Won't Miss This")

The Brooks ID uniforms from past years have been beautiful. (I found these pictures on the Internet. Sorry I'm not giving proper thanks where thanks are due, but they put themselves on the tangled Webs.)

Last year the uniforms were red and white.
They have also been gold and navy.
And a really beautiful bright blue.
The Hanson-Brooks team wears a combo of these colors.
I was super geeked to gawk at the uniform this year. I knew chances were slim-to-none that I would be disappointed in the sleek, powerful Brooks design. I knew I'd be able to wear the best brand ever proudly at all my races.

My uniform came today. And... well ... Brooks is always one step ahead for getting noticed!

Brooks is getting a lot of visibility (pun entirely intended) for their NightLife gear. It's a highly visibility, very fluorescent, 3M Scotchlite retro-reflective material that practically glows in the dark when any amount of light touches it. It's a brilliant and very smart invention ... for running in morning/dusk/night.

Allow me to reiterate: It's great for running when it's not entirely light out.

That said, it looks like I should start looking for some nighttime races!
You seriously won't miss any of us at any races this year. ;) Run happy! Run bright and happy.

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