Sunday, February 28, 2010

That Girl

I frequently see people in clothing that's wildly inappropiate for this climate: Girls waiting for buses in bright tights when it's below 0; guys on the U of M campus wearing cargo shorts in the dead of winter; I even had a roommate in college who wore flip flops year round.

Today, as the temperature soared to a near 40 degrees and the sun brightly blinded us from above, I decided I was going to be that person. I wanted to intentionally dress like it was warmer than it really was, because warm weather is worth celebrating at this point.

Gearing up in a long-sleeve t-shirt, knee-high capris, and a skull cap, I headed out for a quick 6-mile regular-paced run. I ended up doing my run too quickly because it was so nice out! I feed off of the energy around me, and there were so many people out enjoying today.

Is this greening grass I see?
Are those baby buds on this tree?
Hello to all my fellow crazies!
Why did I cover my knees? (I was out of good rhymes.)
And yes, I'm proud to admit I even acquired my first tanlines of the year. :) Granted, they are lame capri tanlines, but they are tanlines nonetheless.

I hope your weekends were just as beautiful!

6.2mi splits: 8:38, 8:51, 8:23, 8:22, 8:42, 8:37, 1:43
Air Temp: 39F!

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  1. Nothing like the sun taking "first tracks" on the winter white legs!! We get a kick out of that too. Looks like a lot of folks had great weekend weather which is awesome. Have a fantastic week.