Monday, February 15, 2010


This afternoon was supposed to be my cross-training day, but I was having a hard time motivating myself to head to the gym or hop on a bike. Working out indoors seems so unproductive these days!

A friend and I have a tradition of trying new restaurants in the cities that openly advertise their vegan options. We try to go every week to support these smaller businesses, but it ends up being more like twice a month. If neither he nor I have time to research a new place, we'll meet in the middle of our two apartments at our "staple" restaurant. He called early this afternoon asking if I wanted to meet there, and of course I agreed. Only I decided to run there, because running is a good cross-training break from running, right?

Bad move #1. I understand why there are cross-training days ... it's to give our bodies a break from all the pounding we do to it. It's good to work different joints and ease a few muscles. But what are you supposed to do when you don't want to do anything besides run? My left achilles started bothering me about a half mile into my run. I thought maybe my sock was folded over or I tied my shoe too tight, but when I stopped to look and readjust, there was nothing. I feel like my heel is bruised deep under my skin, because there's nothing sticking out of my shoe that should be irritating that area. I ended up taking my shoe off at the restaurant (I'm sure it's sanitary, don't panic), and gimping out of the restaurant when I had to put it back on.

After I stuffed my belly with tofu, peanuts, and peppers, I realized I had to run back to my place on a full stomach. Have you ever tried running on a full stomach? Bad move #2. My stomach was cramped the entire way back, so much where I couldn't even take a deep breath without feeling like I was being stabbed. I ended up running with a pain in my foot and pain in my stomach. Seriously bad times.

I got back to my place and logged my workout, and this is the magic number I see:

66.66 miles this month so far! I think this day is meant to be cursed.

3mi splits: 8:01, 8:26, 9:50
Air Temp: 30F


  1. That's just creepy!!! still did something, good job! I ran on a full stomach once I agree = bad move ha!

  2. ps...check my blog...I sent you a little award :)