Thursday, February 4, 2010

San Francisco

I was in San Francisco this past weekend. Not only did my trip coincide with my Cascadia 6 wear test time frame, it also coincided with the start of my marathon training. So I got a mini winter getaway, and I got to run in the most beautiful city in the world. Double win.

After doing plenty of walking, skateboarding, and bowling, Sunday morning was the first morning I truly felt the itch to get out and run. It's easy to get effective exercise in San Francisco thanks to the massive hills and my sans-car lifestyle when I'm there, but I tend to miss running after taking a few days off.

I was up decently early Sunday morning and -- after sort of forgetting what kind of running clothing to wear in warmer temperatures -- I checked the weather to get a sense of what it would be like down by the piers.
For fun I checked Minneapolis's weather and new I would be fine, if not too hot: And an even better breakout of the San Francisco temps during my run:
Then back to Minneapolis (the third column is the windchill column): Yowch! What a difference a few states can make.

I took Muni down to the Ferry Building and I have never seen it so quiet. I usually see the terminal while it's bustling: during lunch breaks when I worked downtown, during the Farmer's Market on the weekends, or waiting for the ferry to Tiburon. This time, it was empty.
I first headed south from the Ferry Building before turning around at AT&T Park.

My manfriend skateboarded by my side while I ran, and I figured that I was going to have a hard time keeping up with someone who's proficient on four little wheels. Little did we know, he had a hard time keeping up with me. Perhaps he's just miserably out of shape, but skating those miles proved to be a challenge for him, as he eventually dropped off and waited for me to loop back around to meet him.

Ha! Love the 8 chins.
AT&T Park, where I turned around because it didn't look like there was much south of that.
How many people can say they ran under palm trees during the winter? (Don't answer.)The view of the Bay Bridge while heading back to the Ferry Building. The fog layered the city with a number of blankets that morning.
See those people in front of me? I passed them before getting back the Ferry Building. I love passing people. (Notice the perfect forefoot strike!)
I then ran northwest-ish past the Ferry Building, up toward Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf. Before this was where the manfriend dropped off to rest so I could catch him later while heading back to where I started.
Then the trip back to the Ferry Building. I think Coit Tower is hiding somewhere in the fog?
I think the Transamerica Building is in there somewhere?
I think that's downtown?
The entire route, courtesy of Mr. Anastos: Starting roughly where it says "San Francisco Bay", running down to where it says "280", then up to the top of the image where it says "Bay," and back to the beginning.
5.31mi splits: 8:32, 8:28, 8:49, 8:40, 8:19, 2:19
Air temp: 51F

I also attempted a commuter run with a backpack full of my work clothing on Monday, but I don't think Mr. Anastos liked downtown very much. Although Google Maps and Mr. Anastos both told me I ran 2.4 miles from work to where I was staying, I'm not sure I trust the satellites were accurate because the signals could have been bouncing off all the tall buildings. He says I ran a 6-minute mile (that barely happened back when I did the 1-mile run back in middle school!), and also that I maxed out at 43mph. :)

I don't think his accuracy was in fine tune that afternoon, but maybe it was ... maybe he was trying to tell me that I have an hidden Usian Bolt somewhere under my thick skin and cold heart.

P/S: Running with a backpack sucks and major props to you commuting runners.

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