Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Happy belated Valentine's Day!

I took this nerdy picture at the Marathon Sports-sponsored TC 5k race this past weekend, but didn't have access to the photos until today. Pretend I'm going back in time and I'm giving this to you on Sunday. (No, that is not me dancing to YMCA; that's me attempting to make a heart.)
I hope your Valentine's Day was great!

I've been trying to take it easier on my foot lately, so I did some cycling yesterday and went out for a run today, but made sure to really pad up the back of my foot. I think it's an issue of my shoe rubbing in the wrong place because thick socks and Bandaids seem to be doing the trick during activity. It is still pretty sore when I press on it or rub it after a run, but there is no visible bruising or swelling. I have no idea what it could be, so I'll continue to convince myself it's the heel collar of my shoe.

I don't have a whole lot to update on for right now, but I've got some exciting things coming up:

First, I finally ordered a Road ID tag. I know, I know... I carry my phone with me (sometimes), but it definitely has occurred to me that something could happen while I'm running and I won't be able to use a phone, or even speak for myself. If any of you are interested in ordering a Road ID tag, they sent me a coupon to pass along and I'd be happy to share it with you. Get the code from me, go to anytime in the next 30 days, and order away/potentially save your life. A Road ID tag is really is a smart, no-hassle product, and I'm ashamed it's taken me this long to get one. They did not pay me to say that. Also, it comes in pink. :)

Next, I joined a marathon training group. Every Saturday up until my marathon I'll be running with a group of people for a set distance. Supposedly the official marathon pacers will be leading these group runs, so I'm going to meet my pacer(s) and hopefully learn how to slow down for longer distances. We also will be running on the course, so keep checking back for group run updates and a sneak peak of my marathon route.

My first group run is this Saturday and the Team Ortho race director is putting together a video about these training runs. And guess who he asked to interview for the video? Yup, that would be me. Do I want to do it? Not entirely, but it sounds like it could be fun. No one's ever asked to interview me about running before, so I'm taking it as a compliment and not a I'd-rather-die-than-speak-in-public situation. Let's hope I don't embarrass myself too much or scare people away from joining the training group.

I was also asked to do another wear test for Brooks. I'll be reviewing one of their new sockliners (the removable insert in the bottom of the shoe), and luckily I will have a little more than a few days to test it this time. It sounds like I'll be given a month, so for all of you interested in sockliners -- come on, admit it; you know you are -- I'll be throwing together a few words for that.

What did I hear you say? You want another terrible race picture? I don't know how these guys make any money taking hideous pictures like this, but they somehow do. Thanks for taking the time to photograph the race, Action Sports International! I like laughing at how bad I look, but I will not be ordering this, thanks.

So much for my perfect forefoot strike, huh? Coming in for an 11th-place finish last weekend... THE RUNNING NINJA!
Finally, today was my first above-freezing run in a while! Seeing the sun melt the snow under my eyes made my heart very happy.
5.3mi splits: 8:50, 8:42, 8:36, 8:47, 9:06, 2:27
Air Temp: 35F! Spring is almost here.

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